Stop The Comex

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My Dear Friends,

Once again the gold banks stole your golden candy. They will do it again tomorrow and continue until they really have to trade real gold.

My question to the most financially able among you is as follows:

Have you had enough of the daily short side manipulation carried on by the same people blatantly on the floor of the make believe gold paper gold exchange, the COMEX? Over the weekend they thumbed their noses at you in an article concerning the increase in delivery taking. The COMEX member quoted laughed at us saying they had a warehouse of $8 billion that was too big to feel any effort to take delivery.

Maybe Madoff didn’t know about the COMEX. $8 billion in today’s world is chump change, however the chumps at the evil COMEX can’t count the amount of fingers they have.

To our most financially able readers, those who have all the physical gold they want, it only takes 21,000 one hundred ounce bars taken delivery of and removed from the COMEX to convert that market to a cash market from a make believe no gold, paper gold market and price maker.


Respectfully yours,