The Future Of Markets With Obama At The Helm

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Dear Friends,

There will be many forecasting market results of the election of President Obama. I suggest we wait to see his cabinet in order to look to the future with any degree of accuracy.

What we do know is:

  1. Many of the evil money ruler geniuses are out of the lime light.
  2. Even if Wall Street is still pulling strings, this Administration will not have Paulson who jiggled every market on the planet fairly well.
  3. The PTT team, if it exists, will be made up of lesser lights because the past Administration ruled that.
  4. All the problems are still out there as virulent cancers that have spread out of control in the financial market and are not operable. Thank you all you OTC derivatives that up to now have not been singled out to accept blame. This could change but do not count on it.
  5. You can count on fiscal stimulation as it is a tenet of how the Democratic mind moves.
  6. You can count on higher taxes for Daddy Warbucks and reductions for the ordinary man who carries the Federal Budget money-wise.
  7. You can count on an interesting period in terms of geopolitical challenges to the USA from their many enemies in order to size up the new leadership.
  8. You can count on meaningless dialog with all those about to test the new Administration geopolitically.
  9. You can count on gold at $1200 and then $1650.
  10. You can count on the US dollar trading at USDX .72, .62, and.52.
  11. You can count on the reestablishment of social and economic safety nets.
  12. You can count on the now shredded Constitution remaining shredded. Once power comes into an Administration it stays their permanently.

Respectfully yours,