Gold and Dollar Market Summary

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Dear CIGAs,

To sum up today:

Once again the exact economic actions that caused former market bubbles, today’s credit crisis (that is made up of massive legal financial fabrications) and enormous injections of US dollars into the world monetary system by the Fed (Helicopter Drop) were taken.

The FASB has once again allowed egregious financial fabrication in the valuing of OTC derivatives outrageously far away from the reality of their true worthless value.

The injection of dollars into the world monetary system, assuming you understand the mechanism of swaps, and the number that non US central banks said was going to be utilized ($2 trillion NOW) is monetary stimulation faster and larger by orders of magnitude than any monetary action in the history of economics, even when adjusted for inflation.

If you do the same things but to a factor of ten you might get CONSEQUENCES times 100, but hey, it might fool the world for 22 more days.