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From Dave Janda MD.


Michigan’s Governor Is Practicing Medicine Without A License

This is beyond an overreach. The action by this Politician.…Whitmer….is putting the citizens of Michigan in harms way….it is disgusting and DANGEROUS !

I have reviewed a number of studies….the first of which from 2005….yes 2005…revealed chloroquine was found to have suppressed the SARS Virus….a kissing cousin ( no social distancing with that virus) to the current Corona Virus.

In addition, a series of studies and case reports from China, Italy, Poland and France have shown Hydroxychloroquine to be effective against the current Corona Virus. Specifically, a study from Marseilles, France revealed a combination of Hdroxychloroquine plus Zithromycin ( Zpack) within 6 days debilitated the Corona Virus. This was a small population studied but the experience of those in the field in a number of countries including the United States have confirmed those results. In fact, the FDA has fast tracked a study on this combination of medications. That is a very rare action taken by the FDA and speaks to the positive data they have accumulated on the treatment.

Enter ” FAKE Doc” Whitmer…… she has threatened REAL Docs and Pharmacists in Michigan with punitive actions if they use this potential life saving combination for a patient…. I kid you not. This is beyond unconscionable ! By her ignorant and Despicable totalitarian actions she has put thousands of Michigan citizens and health care providers in harm’s way. This is an egregious example of politics at it’s worst!

She ran on “Fixing the damn roads”….. she needs to stick with the “damn roads” and QUIT practicing medicine without a license! Thousands of people have been put in Harm’s way and providers who are already over worked and stressed to the max do not need a political HACK DICTATING punitive actions against them as they battle for people’s lives.

Dave Janda M.D.

Opinion: Michigan’s doctors fight coronavirus, and governor’s office

March 26, 2020

The coronavirus is unquestionably a significant threat to the health and safety of people throughout the world. The infection’s worldwide death toll is more than 23,000 and counting, 1,163 in the United States and 60 here in Michigan.

There is a silver lining however, in the numbers of people who are recovering from COVID-19 — more than 122,000 at this writing.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer speaks during a press conference Thursday in Lansing.

Even greater hope lies in a promising new treatment using a combination of old drugs: Plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) and a Z-Pak (azithromycin).

These well-known drugs have very favorable safety profiles. Several small studies have shown significant reduction in viral loads and symptom improvement when combining these medications in COVID-19 patients. Though these studies are small and do not prove efficacy, the results were so promising that the authors of the most famous study concluded:


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Bill Holter’s Commentary

In the blink of an eye! And by the way, $5 trillion is only jacks for openers…

Federal Reserve’s Balance Sheet Tops $5 Trillion for First Time
March 26, 2020

(Bloomberg) — The Federal Reserve’s balance sheet topped $5 trillion for the first time amid the U.S. central bank’s aggressive efforts to cushion debt markets against the coronavirus outbreak through large-scale bond-buying programs.

Total assets held by the Fed rose by $586 billion to $5.25 trillion in the week through March 25, according to data published Thursday on its website. Borrowing by banks from the Fed’s discount window jumped to $50.8 billion.

The central bank has rolled out several liquidity programs over the last few weeks to keep credit flowing in financial markets and the economy amid investor panic over the global spread of the virus. The scale of its current bond-buying efforts already dwarfs that of the purchase programs it undertook in the wake of the last financial crisis.


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Good evening Bill,

Did you see this?



I believe he is WAY too extreme when he says ” Stocks will be down 99% and most bonds down by 100%”. Yes I agree bonds will be down 90+++% but stocks may actually be up because of hyperinflation. Only time will tell but the only thing a one way street in hyperinflation is real money, gold and silver…mining shares even more so.



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Great and Wonderful Wednesday Morning Folks,

     Apparently, it’s correction time at the Comex with Gold getting the pressure during London’s watch, but only after Gold reached $1,699.30 before they opened on the island’s trading period with the price right now at $1,627.80, down $33 after being forced down to $1,615.20. We used to have symbols on the monitor, before the algos erased all evidence, that would tell us the markets were in fast trading. This is when the floor’s governing bodies, who used to watch for illegal activity in the pits, would raise both hands up in the air and walk backwards away from the floor, meaning any price is a good price. For brokers outside the pit, the letter “F” next to the price warned everyone about the floor’s activities. Even though those days are gone, today’s movements while writing would have been labeled as FAST. Silver however, is not moving at all with the trade at $14.47, up 21.3 cents after hitting $14.895 with the London low at $14.325. The rallying US Dollar, is having trouble with the value as we see another pullback after our 10% rally with the trade at 101.480, down 76.7 points yet recovering from the low of 101.240 with the high at 102.110. Of course, all this happened before the Comex open and after the White House and Senate have agreed on the “Largest Rescue Package In American History” (to date).

      In Venezuela, Gold is now priced at 16,257.65 Bolivar showing a 402.50 pullback with Silver gaining 5.143 Bolivar with the price at 144.519. Argentina’s currency now has Gold valued at 103,670.88 Peso’s showing a reduction of 2,687.17 with Silver at 921.229 showing an addition of 31.325 A-Peso’s. Over in the land of Turkey, Gold’s price is set at 10,485.65 Lira a reduction of 34.96 with Silver at 93.2488 proving an increase of 2.6136 T-Lira.    

      March Silver Deliveries were very active during yesterday’s Comex trading period as the Volume jumped to 167 inside a trading range between $14.075 and $13.36 with the very last physical trade at $13.97 with the adjusted closing price at $14.229. Today we have a Physical Demand Count of 106 up on the board, proving a reduction in count of 18 after all that activity. So far today, we have a Volume of 103 already posted inside a trading range between $14.715 and $14.455, with the last trade at $14.495. Silver’s Overall Open Interest continues to collapse as another 5,848 Overnighters jumped ship, but only after their captain steered the ocean liner directly into an iceberg of titanic size, hitting a $1 rise ($5,000 per contract) leaving 151,302 Overnighters still onboard and in the trade. We’re only 13,000 contracts away from the OI that was held back when Silver went to $49.84. From this point forward, the controllers may simply be out of ammo and are now susceptible to the real purchases since there is no coins, rounds, bars, out there at these prices. Thank you Comex, for being the last place to buy $10 to $8 below the real. Let’s see how you can supply the demands or fail. With Trump demanding he will keep the markets open; you may be the ones forced to deliver.  

      March Gold’s Deliveries were also quite active during yesterday’s activities, especially for a cereal month, with to total Volume at 442 inside a trading range between $1,685.50 and $1,592.70 with the last purchase at $1,648.60 and of course the adjusted close at $1,660.20. Today’s early morning post shows yesterday’s huge gain in demand as the Demand count went to 386 proving 355 more purchases were made for physicals with this morning Volume at 106, with a trading range between $1,676.50 and $1,637.40 with the last purchase so far at $1,638.40. Gold’s Overall Open Interest now sits at 548,504 Overnighters showing that same Algo Captain running into yesterday’s huge $100 high berg.

      Spreads for physicals are being blown out as coins, bars, or whatever we can get, is up to $150 over spot for Gold, with Silver’s spreads up to $10, as Comex becomes the cheapest place to buy physicals. Smart buyers are taking advantage of the spreads and jumping into the Comex to make profits in between. All these buyers have to do is take delivery of the Comex bars and send them to a dealer with access to a smelter that will melt that bar down and make it into the sizes and shapes people want in real life. That is “if” they can get the bars. What I mean here is all the Comex warehouses are now in a city under locked down, with London being shut down too and with the help of Boris, who seems to be wearing a brown shirt! With the Canadian Mint shut down, and the US Mint running out of everything, I’m sure these bars will deliver themselves. From where I’m sitting, I don’t see a problem, do you? I am also quite curious about the ratio spread between Au/Ag. Could it be someone not onboard the Algo ship, is trying to stretch the spread till one side breaks? Only time will tell as we go thru an event, epic in the history of man.

      So, remain calm. Have a smile on your face and a prayer for all who are sick. May the recovery be short, so we can start to move forward again. We love our countries, and we are built to make life better. Keep the faith and as always…

Stay Strong!

J. Johnson

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By Greg Hunter’s

Gerald Celente, a top trends researcher and Publisher of The Trends Journal, says the world is already in an economic depression. Celente explains, “Never in the history of the world has the whole world, or most of the world, been shut down by politicians destroying people’s lives and their businesses. People are going to go bankrupt. You are going to see suicide rates increase. You are going to see crime escalate and people OD’ing on drugs because of depression. . . . Our leaders are totally closing down the economy. Again, this has never been done before. It’s not only Wall Street going down, Main Street went down simultaneously. That is unprecedented. Usually, the markets go down and then the ripple effects start hitting Main Street. This time–boom, they are both down. . . . It’s going to be worse than the Great Depression. It’s going to be the Greatest Depression.”

What’s the biggest problem the economy faces? Celente says, “The debt levels are phenomenal. We have more than $250 trillion of global debt and all the personal debt. How are you going to pay the credit card debt? How about paying the student debt, car loans and the mortgages? What about the electric bill, phone bill and people are out of work because my governor said I should stay home?”

The next play by global governments is to get rid of cash because it carries germs like the coronavirus. Celente says, “We are going to go from ‘Dirty Cash to Digital Trash,’ which is also the title of the current Trends Journal. They’ve got people freaked out. They are going to give us digital trash. That’s what they are doing. They are going to get rid of the currencies that you have.”