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Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Martin Armstrong, cycle expert and author of the upcoming new book “The Plot to Seize Russia, Manufacturing World War III” for 8.9.22.

Here’s the link:  Trump Raid Deathblow to Democracy – Martin Armstrong | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

The latest is called “Trump Raid Deathblow to Democracy – Martin Armstrong.”  Last month, legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong said the time to prepare is now for the chaos that is coming in 2023.  The destabilization of America has been kicked into high gear early with the FBI raid on President Trump’s Florida home this week.  Armstrong explains, “This really is unprecedented . . . . In the United States, we are supposed to have civilized transfer of power.  That’s all coming to an end.  I am not being dramatic here.  From a legal perspective, this is completely unprecedented.  The danger of this is once they have done this, if the Republicans are ever allowed to get back into power, they would only end up doing the same thing to the Democrats. . . . It’s striking a real deathblow to the very idea of a democracy.  We are not, at least we were not until today, someplace like Guatemala where you throw the opposition in jail, kill them or whatever you do.  This is what’s going on.  They are so afraid of Trump running in 2024 that this is just over the top.  Once they did this, there is no end.”

Armstrong says the Democrats are in “dire straits” at the polls–and they know it.  Armstrong thinks the Trump raid by the FBI is an act of desperation, and it will “backfire,” but that’s not the only play in the Democrat playbook for the midterms in November.  Armstrong says, “I have been warned that the Democrats have been maneuvering, and the reason they are allowing all the illegal aliens to come in is they intend to allow them to vote.  You already had the Justice Department go after one state that said you had to prove you are an American to vote, and they filed a suit against them saying that they violated their civil rights.  At that stage of the game, hey, all of Europe, Australia, everybody should just send in a vote.”

Armstrong’s says forget what the mainstream polls are saying about voter support for Democrats and Joe Biden because the real numbers are much lower than the public is told.  Armstrong’s “Socrates” computer program shows Joe Biden has just 12% of support in America.  Maybe this is why Democrats are desperate and realize they have to cheat and break the law to stay in power.  It’s not going to get any better, and the entire world is in the same sinking boat.  Armstrong says, “We basically are sitting here in the middle of the collapse of Western civilization.  It’s socialism that is collapsing because these people have done nothing but borrow money to bribe them to vote for them . . . There is no way to pay it back, and they had no intention of paying it back. . . . Europe is, just forget it.  You have emerging markets collapsing around the world because to sell their debt, they had to put it into dollars.  Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Pakistan, Argentina are falling apart on a global scale.”

Armstrong thinks the dollar will be strong for now and not to expect a collapse in the USA anytime soon because America will be the last man standing.  That said, Armstrong does see the possibility of a “stock market collapse in September.”  Armstrong is also “worried about civil war or extreme civil unrest in 2023 in America.”  Armstrong is seeing a “world war coming in 2024 or after.”

Armstrong also said, “My computer warns that there may not even be an election in America in 2024.  It’s reaching that critical period.  So, this raid on Trump is like throwing down the gauntlet.  Everything is gone.”     

There is much more in the nearly 53-minute interview.

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Thank you for the article in which the Fed circumvents the Constitution and writes its own laws.

If anyone now doesn’t believe we’re on the fast track to a Weimar Republic,they must be blind!


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Bill Holter’s Commentary

This is so bad that words cannot describe!

Bill Holter’s Commentary

Price ALWAYS follows volume!

‘Patience is sustained courage.’ Jesse Livermore. (1877-1940).

Bill Holter’s Commentary

Whenever anyone asks me “how much should I put into gold and silver?”, my standard answer is WHATEVER YOU DON’T WANT TO LOSE…!

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You want some weekend comedy?  Here is some politically incorrect but truthful comedy!

Bill Holter’s Commentary

Dismal Dave with more charts for us.

‘I saw a sign at a gas station. It said ‘help wanted’. There was another sign below it that said ‘self service’. So I hired myself. Then I made myself the boss. I gave myself a raise. I paid myself. Then I quit.’  Steven Wright. (1955-    ).

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Bill Holter’s Commentary

Stanley is correct about the banks getting paid.  However, higher rates do bite the real economy and shrinks collateral already held by banks, brokers, etc.  And the problem today is finding quality collateral to be able to borrow against.  

Hiking The Fed Funds Rate To Fight Inflation is a Smoke Screen To Inject Needed Liquidity Into The Banking System During This, The Age of Deception

Bill Holter’s Commentary

  …which ultimately means the death of ALL buyers because real estate always runs uphill from the first timers.  If starter homes cannot sell, it truly is game over!

Death of the First-Time Homebuyer


Bill Holter’s Commentary

Are you confused?  We’re certainly not …but still know a duck when we see one!

Americans Who Think We’re in a Recession Are Actually Just Confused: White House Adviser

White House economic adviser Jared Bernstein said recently that Americans who think the country has fallen into a recession are basically confused about the source of their economic pain, while doubling down on the Biden administration’s view that the U.S. economy isn’t, in fact, in a contraction, despite two back-to-back quarterly negative GDP prints.


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Denny sat down with Jim Sinclair for another interview with questions about Jim’s life.  The interview recalls Jim’s life in India and Tanzania.  After making a true fortune as a trader and investor, Jim and his wife Barbara sought to learn more about life, and philosophy, and the fellowship of man.  His stories continue in this wonderful exchange, and we also learn about how mineral discoveries in Tanzania have led to world class mines in both Gold and Nickel.

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Bill Holter’s Commentary

Not even a heart attack can stop Dismal Dave from showing you graphic horror.  Welcome back mate!  The first chart tells you a story that central banks hope you don’t hear, nor understand.  Currencies are fading on a global basis.  What does inflation mean to you?  It means your money is shrinking…  

‘I am afraid the ordinary citizen will not like to be told that the banks can and do create money. And they who control the credit of the nation direct the policy of Governments and hold in the hollow of their hand the destiny of the people.’ Reginald McKenna. (1863-1943). as Chairman of the Midland Bank, addressing stockholders in 1924.

-note: I’ll try to keep up with daily events, folks, but…the malady lingers on! @#$%.

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Bill Holter’s Commentary

Debt, debt, and more debt …what could possibly go wrong?

Household debt tops $16 trillion for the first time, fueled by higher inflation and interest rates

Household debt climbed past $16 trillion in the second quarter for the first time, as soaring inflation pushed up housing and auto balances, the New York Federal Reserve reported Tuesday.


Bill Holter’s Commentary

  A truly touching, yet very sad story.  I think what Pastor Stanley is telling you is this, “there are no atheists in a foxhole and God always wins in the end”!

Bill Holter’s Commentary

Satire my ass, these people are evil.  You will eat crickets and be happy!  As I have said before, I am now ashamed I ever collected for “UNICEF” back in 1st grade …

UN Deletes Article Titled ‘The Benefits of World Hunger.’ Was It Real or Satire? – Foundation for Economic Education (

Bill Holter’s Commentary

Even if the crypto exchanges were FDIC insured, does the FDIC even have the capital to make good?  Do they even have the capital when a money center bank goes down?  Do you understand why these banks have been considered “too big to fail”?

Brace Yourself for Federally-Insured Bank Failures Caused by Crypto (

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Yesterday, Denny & Jim spent some time on the phone in an interview format.  Denny wanted Jim to be able to share the story of how he became a trader, how he started his own firm, and how that firm grew to over 500 employees in countries throughout the world.  It’s about 45 minutes or so, and it will let the listeners know the depth of knowledge and the enormity of talent that Jim Sinclair possessed as one of the youngest successful traders the markets have ever known.  It is certainly worth a listen!

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This week’s recorded call questions the full faith and credit of the United States from various angles.  We made this week’s call (normally only available to our subscriber) available to the public because we believe it to be such an important subject.  Please scroll past the video link for text and links as footnotes.  ALL of the information is available to the public to see …except many do not want to see the truth because it is so ugly!

Welcome to the 2008 melt down part 2. It was never fixed so now it is back, it has taken longer than we thought but math said it was coming and it is here. How bad will it get? Lets look at some facts.

U.S. Economy Shows Another Decline, Fanning Recession Fears

A key measure of economic output fell for the second straight quarter, raising fears that the United States could be entering a recession — or perhaps that one had already begun.

Full faith? Credit from who? You?                   Welcome to Geoeconomics.  

Can any one name one federal agency that is not plagued with scandals?

How about an agency that is not beholden to the business they are to police?

Has there been any President that is not plagued by scandal or has not been under investigation?
Legal analyst: These are the indicators pointing to ‘severe legal peril’ for Trump 01:47 (CNN)The ice may be finally beginning to crack under ex-President Donald Trump.

Special counsel John Durham has been trying for three years to prove wrongdoing on the part of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, the FBI or other government officials in their handling of accusations that then-candidate Donald Trump had nefarious ties to Russia

By inaccurately labeling verified evidence as disinformation, FBI officials halted investigative activities related to Hunter Biden in 2020.

If these recent whistleblower revelations are true, it would strongly suggest that the FBI’s August 6, 2020 briefing was indeed a targeted effort to intentionally undermine a Congressional investigation,”

Three-quarters of self-described Democrats or Democratic-leaning voters want the party to pick someone other than President Biden as their standard-bearer in 2024 — and nearly a quarter of them say they don’t believe Biden can win a second term, according to a new poll.

According to the Better Business Bureau’s 2021 Scam Tracker Risk Report, cryptocurrency fraud jumped from the seventh riskiest scam in 2020 to second riskiest in 2021.

The US has entered a recession, New York Mayor Eric Adams said on Thursday, contradicting earlier claims by President Joe Biden that the economy is “on the right path.” 

“We are in a financial crisis like you can never imagine… Wall Street is collapsing; we are in a recession,” Adams said at a New York event hosted by nonprofit Project Hospitality, as cited by Hamodia news outlet. (
Wall Street is collapsing – NYC mayorThe US is in a state of recession, New York Mayor Eric Adams says, quashing claims by President Biden that the e…

President Biden and the White House continue to repeat his denial from the campaign trial in 2019:

“I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings.”

These denials have continued even after an audiotape surfaced showing President Biden leaving a message for Hunter specifically discussing coverage of those dealings.

Some of us have written for two years that Biden’s denial of knowledge is patently false. Indeed, it is baffling how Attorney General Garland can ignore the myriad of references to Joe Biden in refusing to appoint a special counsel.

In a surprisingly longish phone call at over two hours, Chinese President Xi Jinping and President Joe Biden focused on the geopolitical flashpoints of Taiwan and Ukraine on Thursday, speaking by phone for the fifth time. Both sides agreed the call was “candid” and “in-depth”, and concluded by agreeing to stay in touch. However, China state sources are reporting that – in a moment perhaps intent on humiliating the US administration – Xi warned Biden “those who play with fire will get burned.”

In the face of Xi’s firm words on the Taiwan issue, Biden affirmed that the United States does not back Taiwan independence.

On Thursday, former Dallas fed president Richard Fisher slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her husband Paul over allegations of insider trading.

The pot calling the kettle black?

President Joe Biden refused to admit the economy is in a recession during remarks delivered Thursday afternoon from the State Dining Room 

Biden pointed to strong job numbers remarking, ‘That doesn’t sound like a recession to me’

So how much credit does the US have.

Then why would we need to forgive student debt go get a job and pay your loan

The $839 billion National Defense Authorization Act, approved in a 329-101 vote, is $37 billion more than the administration sought in military spending. House passes $839B defense bill, swatting down Biden’s military plans – POLITICO

Two dozen House Republicans helped pass a $280 billion bill on Thursday to bolster the domestic chip manufacturing industry and subsidize scientific research, bucking GOP leadership’s recommendation to vote against the measure.

The whip announcement came hours after Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) announced a deal on a $369 billion climate, tax and health care package, which Democrats had been negotiating for months.These are the 24 House Republicans who broke with the party to support chips and science bill | The HillThe LCS is designed to operate in shallow waters close to shore—known as the littorals. The Navy estimates it will cost over $60 billion to operate and support the 35 LCS it plans to build, including the 17 it has already delivered.Feb 24, 2022

But documents obtained by Navy Times warn that cracks can grow if the ships transits faster than 15 knots in seas with maximum wave heights of about eight feet.

Something much bigger than POTUS — call it the MIC or the deep state — has de facto veto power on all matters related to national security.

Writing in the New York Timesveteran foreign correspondent Edward Wong reports that the Biden “administration’s approach to strategic priorities is surprisingly consistent with the policies of the Trump administration.”

What ought to be surprising at this juncture is Wong’s surprise.


The Singapore Economic Forum has emphasized the dynamic aspects of leaders’ decisions. Policy makers and CEOs alike have to “assess constantly techno-economic returns and legal-political risks on a combined geoeconomic plane.”[4] Azerbaijani economist Vusal Gasimli defines geo-economics as the study of the interrelations of economics, geography and politics in the “infinite cone” rising from the center of the earth to outer space (including the economic analysis of planetary resources).[5]

BRICS is our competition. as is  The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) is a Eurasian politicaleconomic and security organization.[3] In terms of geographic scope and population, it is the world’s largest regional organization, covering approximately 60% of the area of Eurasia, 40% of the world population, and more than 30% of global GDP.[4]

Large Indian refineries are increasingly turning to smaller and less-known private traders to boost purchases of discounted Russian oil, Bloomberg reported on Friday, citing people familiar with the matter.

A priority for Lavrov’s trip to Egypt, the Republic of the Congo, Uganda and Ethiopia is to show that Russia is not isolated internationally, despite expansive western sanctions. The objective is to portray Russia as an unencumbered Great Power that maintains allies around the globe with whom it can conduct business as usual.

SHANGHAI, July 29. /TASS/. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization should use its potential in practice so as to prevent the further degradation of international relations and curb the spread of Cold War logic worldwide, the organization’s Deputy Secretary General Grigory Logvinov said on Friday.

A Panicking Biden Administration Seeks Talks With Russia

Sino-forming of Global South passes point of no return

NEW YORK – China’s exports to the largest economies of the Global South have nearly doubled from pre-Covid levels to a seasonally-adjusted US$70 billion in June 2022 from $38 billion in June 2019.

Several factors have impelled the surge in Chinese exports, but the most important impulse comes from China’s strategic investment in digital and physical infrastructure, ranging from broadband networks in Indonesia and Brazil to power plants in Turkey and railways in Southeast Asia.

As Western nations question the benefits of globalization, China has become the world’s leading globalizer.Sino-forming of Global South passes point of no return – Asia Times

This all leads to GOLD in the end. Period end of story.

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Bill Holter’s Commentary

The first ever revenue decline?  I guess those weren’t “magic beans” that grow to the sky?  No oxygen, only digital air?  We are moving toward a world where real stuff will be re valued to actual worth…

Meta reports earnings, revenue miss and forecasts second straight quarter of declining sales

Facebook parent Meta reported a steeper-than-expected drop in revenue, missed on earnings and issued a surprisingly weak forecast, pointing to a second consecutive decline in year-over-year sales. The shares dropped 3.8% in extended trading.


Bill Holter’s Commentary

When all is said and done, lawsuits cumulatively like this one will be enough to take insurance companies down,  Do you understand?

Doctor Announces $25 Million Defamation Lawsuit Against Houston Methodist Following Suspension


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Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial writer and precious metals expert Bill Holter of for 7.26.22.

Here’s the link:  Whole World is a Banana Republic – Bill Holter | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

The latest is called “Whole World is a Banana Republic – Bill Holter.”  A few months back, precious metals expert and financial writer Bill Holter predicted the economy was going to tank, and today, the U.S. is officially in a recession.  Holter says it’s not just America buckling under enormous debt, but the entire world.  Holter explains, “This is only the start.  They are trying to debate whether or not we are in a recession, but it’s pretty much a lock.  Yes, we are in a recession.  And this is not just the U.S.  This is a global problem. . . . Let me put his into perspective.  If you add up all the global GDP’s, we are roughly $100 trillion.  The problem is there is well over $350 trillion in debt worldwide. . . . When I graduated college . . . anything above 100% debt to GDP was considered a banana republic.  Look where we are today.  Globally, it’s 350% debt to GDP.  What that tells me is the world is a banana republic.”

So, it’s no surprise big money is getting out of fiat currencies like the U.S. dollar.  Less than a month ago, Holter, who is also a precious metals broker for Miles Franklin, brokered what looks like the biggest U.S. silver coin deal in history.  Just the Silver Eagle portion of the deal was 650,000 coins, which was only part of the $50 million deal.  Only $27 million of that could be bought in U.S. incremented silver coins.  (The rest was used to buy gold U.S. coins.)  Holter says that cleared out the wholesale market for U.S. silver coins, including so-called junk silver.  Holter contends, “That shows you how thin it really is.  By the way, a fair portion, 15% or so, was future deliveries from the mint.  So, we basically cleaned up the next four to eight weeks of Silver Eagle deliveries.  They belong to us, and we are still waiting for delivery from the mint. . . . The client wanted U.S. coin.  In the U.S., that is the best form of silver ownership.  We did not touch bars, generics or foreign sovereigns.  So, there is still much more out there to be bought, but how much?   I think $1 billion would buy all the available silver in the U.S.  Think about it.  A billion dollars today is not even the mustard on a ham sandwich. . . . Make no mistake, this deal was a big hit to the inventory . . . of U.S. silver coins. . . . This paper Ponzi scheme is going to come down, and the best place to hide is gold and silver.”

On housing, Holter says it has topped and predicts, “Now, there are no bids, and homeowners are lowering the price.  It was a virtuous cycle to the upside.  Now, it’s reversed, and it will be a virtuous cycle to hell on the downside.  I say hell because there is so much debt outstanding, it will create margin calls across the board.”

Holter is still predicting a Mad Max apocalyptic future that looks more and more like a real possibility.  Holter says, “We have had free and carefree times for the last 40 years.  Now, you are going to see the reverse.  Debt is a two-edge sword, and after 40 years, we are going to see the dangerous side of the sword. . . . There is going to be starvation.  This is going to be unlike anything . . . anyone has even written about from a fictional basis. . . . I’ll be surprised if we make it through this year with the real economy functioning as it is right now.   Supply chains will break down . . . We will have some dire markets leading to . . . market closures and bank closures.” 

There is much more in the 44 min interview.

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Bill Holter’s Commentary

Yield spreads do matter, they ALWAYS do!

No Recession? All Of A Sudden Yield Spreads Are Collapsing

No recession. That was the recent declaration from Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, noting that consumer spending, industrial output, credit quality, and other indicators don’t suggest economic risk.


Bill Holter’s Commentary

Of course we know why, votes!  But we’ll bet you didn’t know that student loans are THE largest “asset” held by the federal govt?

The Biden administration is considering forgiving the student debt for millions of Americans. Here’s why

The Biden administration is considering wiping out hundreds of billions of dollars in student debt. Its announcement could come as soon as next month.


Bill Holter’s Commentary

General Flynn posted this letter from Missouri’s Attorney General to Christopher Wray, head of the FBI.  This bears watching!

One of the best and smartest letters to the FBI from a State AG ever. Standing up for his state’s citizens is what every State Attorney General must do. Serve your citizens. And the FBI needs to figure out what’s next because the people of America no longer trust you, your institution or your leaders.

Missouri AG, Eric Schmitt’s letter is spot on!!!

Bill Holter’s Commentary

Our pal Dismal Dave from down under could use our prayers as he almost bit the dust last week. He is recovering as you can see below.  We wish him Godspeed in his recovery!  

Dave’s Message

Thanks, Bill! Loads better. Great Doctor and hospital!

This is what I just sent out to my boys and the rest of the family…

How your Mother saved my life.

So, there we were, your Mother and I, at our regular PROBUS monthly meeting, sitting listening to a great guest speaker, when I felt a tad dizzy.

Next thing I knew, I had dropped sideways into her lap, with her pounding my chest, then blowing air into my mouth. (it’s what ICU nurses of long-standing, do. (other ones stop giving a presentation, and take a pulse; 8!!!)).

Because of this incredible good fortune, I was able to sit up and wonder just what I had done to deserve that!

By that time, the ambulance had arrived and my coronary artery bypass surgery adventure had begun.

Not for the faint-hearted…oh…wait

‘bout sums it up; will be quiet for a while, Bill!

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Bill Holter’s Commentary

Of course they do.  Just like they want to redefine gender, free speech, the definition of vaccine, and anything else you can think of including The Constitution!  You can call a duck anything you’d like but does not change the fact that it is still just a duck …or recession in this case.

Ahead of Expected Dismal Economic Data, White House Seeks to Redefine ‘Recession’

White House economic advisers issued a note on Thursday clarifying the definition of recession prior to the release next week of probably dismal economic data.


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Join Greg Hunter from as he goes One on One with CV19 truth warrior Steve Kirsch.

Here’s the link:  CV19 Vax Lies – Greatest Trust Destroyer in Human History – Steve Kirsch | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

The latest is called “CV19 Vax Lies – Greatest Trust Destroyer in Human History – Steve Kirsch.”  Steve Kirsch was a Big Tech CEO who retired from his job after he was double vaxed for Covid 19.  Not long after, he learned the entire injection and Covid narrative did not match the science or the facts.  The vaccines, for example, were not safe and effective as he was led to believe.  Healthy people he knew were dropping dead after they were vaxed.  So, Kirsch who holds two degrees from MIT, started a quest to learn everything about CV19 and the so-called vaccines used to treat it.  In the process, he became a warrior for truth and posted his cutting-edge journalism and analysis that exposed huge Covid19 lies on his wildly popular site.  Kirsch explains, “I actually look at the science to see if that backs up what the recommendations are, and every time, I am surprised to find out the actual science doesn’t match what we are being told.  This is true for the vaccines, this is true for the masks, and for basically any of the interventions we have been told about.  The ‘six feet rule,’ even something as simple as that, you can’t find a paper that says it’s 6 feet as opposed to 7 feet, or 5 feet or whatever.  It’s much more complicated than that.”

Kirsch says, “Whenever I have an audience, I ask people, ‘How many people in your household died from Covid?’  There will be one hand or two hands.  Then I ask, ‘How many people do you know died from the Covid vaccine?’  The last time I asked that question, it was a 7 to 1 ratio.  7 times more people reported a death from the vaccines.  If they are wrong even by a factor of 10 . . . it is still a disaster beyond proportion. . . . I saw a tweet from a doctor saying how much longer are we going to pretend that these (vax death) incidents are just bad luck?  He is basically saying we know the vaccine is causing this, but we can’t speak out because we will be fired and have our hospital privileges revoked.  We will have our licenses to practice medicine revoked.  This is why you are not seeing doctors who realize this speaking out.  They all have to remain silent.”

Kirsch goes on to say, “This is the biggest catastrophe in American history.  Even a member of the EU parliament recently said this.  She said these vaccines are the biggest disaster ever.”

The massive amount of victims of this vaccine fraud are waking up to the fact they have been poisoned and murdered.   Kirsch says, “They are not going to be happy.  I don’t want to predict what they are going to do, but a lot of people are going to be extremely upset.  I think at minimum, they will not trust anything from the CDC, FDA and NIH ever again.  That’s at a minimum, and they won’t trust the mainstream media either.  They won’t trust representations from Congress because most of the people in Congress are saying get your vaccine.  This will destroy trust in the mainstream media, Congress, in the mainstream medical community, in government agencies and medical science in general.  It will be the greatest trust destroyer in human history, these Covid vaccines.  This is not just in the U.S., this is worldwide.  When people figure out that they were told by their government to take a shot that was way more likely to kill them than to save them, people are going to be livid.  It won’t just be a few people that will be livid, it will be a lot of people.” 

There is much more in the 1-hour and 10-minute interview.

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Bill Holter’s Commentary

I have no idea who to credit other than Tom Petty?

The Nightwatchman Once upon a time, the government had a vast scrap yard in the middle of a desert.  Congress said, “Someone may steal from it at night.”  So they created a night watchman position and hired a person for the job. Then Congress said, “How does the watchman do his job without instruction?”  So they created a planning department and hired two people, one person to write the instructions, and one person to do time studies.

Then Congress said, “How will we know the night watchman is doing the tasks correctly?”  So they created a Quality Control department and hired two people.  One was to do the studies, and one was to write the reports.

Then Congress said, “How are these people going to get paid?”  So they created two positions: a time keeper and a payroll officer, then hired two people.

Then Congress said, “Who will be accountable for all of these people?”  So they created an administrative section and hired three people, an Administrative Officer, Assistant Administrative Officer and a Legal Secretary.

Then Congress said, “We have had this command in operation for one year, and we are $918,000 over budget, we must cut back.”  So they laid off the night watchman. 

NOW slowly, let it sink in.

Quietly, we go like sheep to slaughter.  Does anybody remember the reason given for the establishment of the DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY during the Carter administration?

Anybody?  Anything?  Anyone?  No?  Didn’t think so!

Bottom line is, we’ve spent several hundred billion dollars in support of an agency, the reason for which very few people who read this can remember!


It was very simple, and at the time, everybody thought it very appropriate.

The Department of Energy was instituted on 8/04/1977, TO LESSEN OUR DEPENDENCE ONFOREIGN OIL.

Hey, pretty efficient, huh?


(THIS IS WHERE YOU SLAP YOUR FOREHEAD AND SAY, “WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?”) 34 years ago, 30% of our oil consumption was foreign imports.  Today 70% of our oil consumption is foreign imports.

Ah, yes — good old Federal bureaucracy.


Hello!!  Anybody Home? Signed…. The Night Watchman

Bill Holter’s Commentary

God bless this man!  He may not have known what his life’s purpose was, and this may not be it …but it’s a pretty good start!

Missouri Sheriff Refuses to Hand Over Gun Owners’ Info to FBI: ‘I Will Go Down With the Ship’


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Bill Holter’s Commentary

Good read from Pepe Escobar.

The Power Troika Trumps Biden In West Asia

The presidents of Russia, Iran, and Turkey convened to discuss critical issues pertaining to West Asia, with the illegal US occupation of Syria a key talking point.  Oil and gas, wheat and grains, missiles and drones – the hottest topics in global geopolitics today – were all on the agenda in Tehran this week.


Bill Holter’s Commentary

Locking up a journalist for telling the truth is the greatest of travesties!  Truth, justice, and the Mexican way?

Mexican President Renews Offer to Grant Asylum to Julian Assange in Letter to Biden

On Monday, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said he delivered a letter to President Biden last week where he pleaded for the US not to prosecute Julian Assange and renewed an offer to grant asylum to the WikiLeaks founder.


Bill Holter’s Commentary

Anyone know what happens to a Ponzi scheme when new money evaporates?

Mortgage demand hits 22 year low…

The pain in the mortgage market is only getting worse as higher interest rates and inflation hammer consumers. Mortgage demand fell more than 6% last week compared with the previous week, hitting the lowest level since 2000, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association’s seasonally adjusted index.


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Bill Holter’s Commentary

Who said crime doesn’t pay?

There Are Three Separate Cases in Federal Court Accusing JPMorgan Chase of a Culture of Fraud

Bill Holter’s Commentary

Unfortunately, this is not an Onion headline nor a Babylon Bee article.  All I can say is what I have said before …man ALWAYS turns back to Father God during hard times.  Rest assured that hard times are coming, and by the way, no one ever is an atheist in a foxhole!  

The Banner on Boston’s Church of the Covenant and the Decline of Christianity, by Dennis Prager | Creators Syndicate

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Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Martin Armstrong, cycle expert and author of the upcoming new book “Manufacturing World III,” for 7.19.22.

Here’s the link:

 2023 Will Be Year from Hell – Martin Armstrong | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

The latest is called “2023 Will Be Year from Hell – Martin Armstrong.”  Legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong says the time to prepare is now for what is coming in 2023.  Armstrong’s Socrates computer program is predicting “2023 will be the year from Hell.”  Armstrong explains, “Our computer is predicting a ‘war cycle’ that hits in 2023, but that is also civil unrest.  So, you are looking at revolutions and etc. because of inflation.  Our projection on oil is that it is going to go up dramatically into 2023.  It’s going to be the same thing, I think, for gasoline prices.  This is just not over yet.  The euro looks like death warmed over. . . . Our computer is projecting the continued decline of the euro and rising commodity prices.  With these sanctions on Russia, you just had the leader of Hungary say Europe is committing suicide.  The sanctions are hurting Europe more than they are hurting Russia.  This is like a shot to the lung.  They can’t even breath at this stage.”

Armstrong says you are not going to have to wait until next year to see extreme stress in the financial system.  Armstrong is seeing financial upheavals coming in the August and September time frame.  So, the economic pain is already here and getting worse, especially in Europe.  Armstrong says, “I think you are going to see this come to a head. . . . It’s definitely tanking more anyway. . . . What makes things even worse for the world is the dollar going up and not down.  This is because you had all these emerging markets issue debt in dollars. . . . They were borrowing in dollars because it was a cheaper interest rate, and they had no concept of the foreign exchange risk. . . . This happened in Australia.  The currency swings, and, now, suddenly you owe 20% more. . . . You had the same thing with all these emerging markets. . . . Now, the dollar is going up and you are seeing bank runs.”

Armstrong says not only is the euro dramatically declining, but the euro bonds are being shunned by U.S. banks.  This is another bad financial sign for the EU.  Armstrong says, “All these things are a real crisis.  I can tell you that speaking to the top three banks in New York City, they refuse to accept any European sovereign debt as collateral—period.  That is what started the whole repo crisis in 2019.”

So, we are entering into a debt crisis with the EU financial system in the crosshairs.  Armstrong says, “This is why they are pushing for war. . . . They think they can create a new monetary system, and to do so, they need war.  They think they can keep it just conventional.  Then the United Nations can emerge as the white knight and the peacemaker.  Therefore, we get another Bretton Woods.  You can redesign all the currencies and when you do that you wipe out all the debt.  That is what is on the agenda. . . . There is no way they can get out of this other than default.  If they default, they are worried about millions of people storming the parliaments of Europe. . . .This is really a tremendous financial crisis that we are facing.  They have been borrowing year after year since WWII with zero intention of paying anything back.”          

There is much more in the nearly 40-minute interview.

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These are Alan Greenspan’s own words from 1966.  He has always known and still knows today, it’s just that he took a job in 1987 where he was forced to lie to you.  Please read his words carefully, they are 100% correct!

“What medium of exchange will be acceptable to all participants in an economy is not determined arbitrarily.” 

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Bill Holter’s Commentary

Things are not more expensive, it is simply that global currencies are devaluing.

‘War is the health of the State.’  Randolph Bourne. (1896-1918).

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Great and Wonderful Thursday Morning Folks,

      It seems the tamp was turned off once Comex opened yesterday with this mornings trades still showing no tamp, with December Gold now priced at $1,736.60, up $8.80 and at the high, with the low at $1,724.90. Silver leads the percentages with its last Red trade made at $18.645, up 38 cents and at the high with the low down at $18.32. The US Dollar Index has also turned with its trade now at 109.36, down 46.7 points and at the low with its high at 109.885. Of course, all this couldn’t happen until ICE re-opened yesterday evening, before Comex starts, London stops, with more evidence coming out on the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago sloppiness, written by “special master” U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon, with more FBI whistleblowers coming out and revealing Director Wray personally removed concerns raised by agents on politicization of the agency from Final Report, and after another judge orders Dr. Fauci & White House Press Sec. to reveal 230BigTech communications over covid. The Judges-Day is coming.

      Under Venezuela’s currency Gold added 184.55 Bolivares at 13,806.78 with Silver adding 4.91 more at 148.28 Bolivares. In Argentina, Gold’s value increased by 3,795.46 Pesos at 244,408.91 with Silver’s increase totaling 92.85 A-Pesos at 2,624.93. Under the Turkish Lira, Gold’s last trade happened at 31,681.91 proving a 447.59 overnight gain with Silver reaching  340.29, jumping 11.60 T-Liras. Even in Russia, Gold rallied 1,099.35 Rubles over yesterday at 105,754.44 with Silver adding 33.98 Rubles at 1,135.76. I know how difficult it is to wait for these swings to show up under the US Dollar and its Index, but they will.

      September Silver’s Delivery Demands now stand at 318 fully paid for contracts waiting for receipts with a 7-lot Volume up on the board that traded in between $18.455 and $18.29 with the last swap, during London’s time, at the high, up 31.8 cents so far today. Yesterday’s full day of delivery activity happened in spread trade fashion (no price) but Comex did close the day out at $18.137, for a 34.2 cent gain on the day that had a total of 53 new buys that helped reduce the demand count by 32 contracts with the balance supposedly getting receipts. Silver’s Overall Open Interest shows a 665 contract pull leaving us a total of 137,721 Overnighters to trade against reality.

      September Gold’s Delivery Demands now stand at 1,773 fully paid for contracts in wait of receipt with a 438-lot Volume up on the board that traded in between $1,718.20 and $1,716.60 with the last buy at the low, for a $1.30 gain, so far today and while the papers push the prices higher. Yesterday’s full day of ICE/Comex deliveries happened in between $1,715.20 and $1,694.70 with the last buy at the high, after Comex closed its day out at $1,715.30 that had a total of 651 new buys that helped elevate the demand count by 102 contracts with the balance supposedly getting receipts. This is odd, September is a primary delivery month for Silver, yet Gold seems to have taken over, a true curiosity to noodle over. Gold’s Overall Open Interest proves a 2,275 contract pull leaving a total of 464,318 Overnighters to trade against the demands coming out everywhere.

      The highly anticipated theatrical film “My Son Hunter” has opened to rave reviews and leftist panic, as the movie’s trailer has crested to over 4.5 million cross-platform views and climbing. Which makes me wonder if the top heads of the FBI and DOJ are going to see this epic movie, so they can make an attempt to say none of it is true? “A poll conducted after the election found that 17 percent of Biden voters would not have voted for him if they had known about the “Laptop from Hell.” Even now, two years later, 63 percent of likely voters still believe the laptop story is important, according to a recent poll.”

      Portland, Oregon, is in such bad shape with their current leadership that business owners have been closing up shop and selling at a loss just to get out of the place. I wonder how bad it is all around? We know Californians have left in droves, but what about the other places where the Dems run free and where the Police were threatened with defunding?

      Project Veritas BUSTS Democrat US Senate candidate saying treat white people ‘like shit’. “You oughta know who you’re dealing with, you gotta treat them like shit, that’s the only way they’ll respect you.”

      Whoever is helping out the Democratic Party with everything they’ve been doing over the years, I encourage them to continue. Don’t change a thing! The Red Wave is coming and it appears “Operation Let Them Speak” is still an open exercise and sweeping up new and living voters everywhere.

      Find that smile, it’s too easy to be negative when the world is changing all around and from the grassroots up. The only thing the Democrats can do as of now, is try and keep this midterm from happening, and I think it’s way too late for that.

      It appears the tampers are back, giving us cheaper prices. So, keep on piling on the shiny, make that smile a broad one, and enjoy your day. As Always …

Stay Strong!

Jeremiah Johnson

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Great and Wonderful Wednesday Morning Folks,

      Once again the tamp is on with Gold’s last trade at $1,712.40, down 50 cents after hitting a low of $1,701.70 with the high to beat at $1,718.20. Silver is up 10.5 cents at $18.015 and recovering from the dip to $17.74 with its high to beat at $18.155. The all mighty Banana Dollar continues to amaze with its last calculation set at 110.66, up 45.1 points after hitting a high of 110.775, another multi-year high, with the low at 110.16. Of course, all this started yesterday, once the ICE session re-opened, before Comex starts, London stops, after the Dutch Farmers forced out the WEF member and agricultural minister Henk Staghouwer over his radical climate agenda that seeks to destroy their livelihoods, and after Missouri and Louisiana sue the Federal Government, for allegedly colluding with big tech to silence non-state-sponsored opinions about COVID and masking (among other things) on many social media platforms, as a violation of the First Amendment, something the Feds should be protecting.

      In Venezuela, Gold’s last trade was at 13,622.23, down 18.49 Bolivares over yesterday’s quote with Silver’s last buy price at 143.37, down 1.34 Bolivares. In Argentina, Gold pulled back 886.46 Pesos at 240,613.45 with Silver pulling back 30.13 at 2,532.08 A-Pesos. Over in Turkey, Gold lost 175.61 Liras at 31,233.32 with Silver down 4.54 T-Liras at 328.69. Finally, the Russian Ruble has Gold pegged at 104,655.09 proving a 733.97 gain with Silver’s last buy at 1,101.78 Rubles, a 16.87 loss.

      September Silver’s Delivery Demands now stand at 350 fully paid for contracts waiting for receipts with a 7-lot order made in spread trade fashion (no price). Yesterday’s full day of delivery activity happened in between $18.105 and $17.79 with the last buy at the low, after Comex closed its day out at $17.795 for a 1.9 cent gain on the day that had 100 new purchases which helped reduce the demand count by 137 contracts with the balance supposedly getting receipts. Silver’s Overall Open Interest shows a 302 contract gain giving us an early morning total of 138,386 Overnighters to trade against the physicals, as the warehouses are being drained, as is proven within the Comex stats.

      September Gold’s Delivery Demands now stand at 1,671 fully paid for contracts in wait of receipt with a 436-lot Volume up on the board that traded in between $1,703.60 and $1,694.70 with the last buy at $1,700.20, down 20 cent so far today. Yesterday’s full day of ICE/Comex physical purchases happened in between $1,717.40 and $1,699.70 with the last buy at the low, after Comex closed its tamp out at $1,700.40 for a $9.40 loss on the day that had a total of 697 new buys that helped reduce the demand count by 121 contracts with the balance supposedly getting receipts. Gold’s Overall Open Interest shows a 2,984 overnight gain giving us an early morning total of 466,593 Overnighters (which are longs and shorts combined) to trade against the physicals. It’s becoming apparent that Gold’s OI is being used to help push Silver’s prices lower. It just may be no commercial is willing to sell Silver contracts against a shortage of supply.

      Michigan Patriots created a new group called Michigan Citizens for Election Integrity. They have reviewed thousands of hours of surveillance videos in their state and gave their findings to The Gateway Pundit from 19 Detroit drop boxes for the November 2020 election. These videos covered a time span of 24 hrs a day for 37 days. You can see in the videos what 2000Mules did when the mules photographed themselves at each drop box in order to get paid. There are 2 parts to this story, the first (the above link) was posted on the 4th    and the next part (this link) was posted yesterday.

     Trump posted this last night; The fired FBI Agent who was walked out of the FBI Headquarters Building two weeks ago, and who said, falsely, to Facebook and the Media that the Laptop from Hell was Russian Disinformation, has been a greater source in convincing people that the 2020 Presidential Election was Rigged than even the tapes of millions of ballots being stuffed into the voting machines – “2000 Mules.”So they spy on my campaign, Rigged & Stole the Election, and go after me for doing nothing wrong. Only in America!!! I’m so thankful 45 supported the 2nd Amendment.

      Things are turning around alright. It’s not as hard to see as before because our voices are protected under the First Amendment and the states are going after the Obama-230BigTech machine. Here’s one brave liberal that actually went to a Trump rally, and he was surprised no one beat him up. Samuel Donner, who does the “100 New Friends” video series on TikTok, was the one, as I expect more libs to wake to the idea they’ve been bamboozled by the idiots they trusted on a monitor.  

      Nations are waking, states are challenging, yet Silver and Gold are still being tamped. The perfect visual is a fat man floating in the water holding under him a big beach ball as a floating device, until he loses his balance. Equilibrium is coming, as all things mentioned, over the years here at JSMineSet, become more easily seen by the masses. Keep piling on the shiny, don’t forget to stock up on foods and what-nots that you and your family will need in order to go thru a temporary shutdown, and keep your faith up front, as a shield. As always …

Stay Strong!

Jeremiah Johnson

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The rule of law?  No, rather a pillar of a banana republic!

Illinois law will release those charged with second-degree murder without bail – The Counter Signal

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This was a given, but now it is fact.

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Where have you heard this number before?  In reality, $50.000 is far too low …

That's a twenty seven fold increase in price.  
For those who believe this is an outrageous move, simply look at the last historical event that moved gold: 1971 when the U.S. went off the gold standard.
Gold rose twenty fold from $40 to $800.
CIGA Wolfgang Rech

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Please read the report  and pass on to the sheep who have taken it. May be they will wake the flock up. Dave


mRNA vaccines promote sustained synthesis of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein.•

The spike protein is neurotoxic, and it impairs DNA repair mechanisms.•

Suppression of type I interferon responses results in impaired innate immunity.•

The mRNA vaccines potentially cause increased risk to infectious diseases and cancer.•

Codon optimization results in G-rich mRNA that has unpredictable complex effects.

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Pastor Stanley with a brief Labor Day message.

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Europe gets hit with the mother of all margin calls …and very little product!

As Europe Implodes, It Plans “Radical Intervention” Including Price-Setting, Suspending Derivatives Markets And Europe-Wide Margin Call Bailouts | ZeroHedge

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Inflation of the things we need and deflation of the things we have …

‘Man is the Reasoning Animal. Such is the claim. I think it is open to dispute.’ Mark Twain. (1835-1910).

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More ugly from our pal Dismal Dave.

‘Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies.’ Groucho Marx. (1890-1977).