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I was shocked and deeply saddened to hear late Wednesday evening that Mr. Luis, beloved friend and Victoria’s husband had passed away.

To loosely quote General Patton “Do not morn the passing of a great man, but rather thank

God he was born.”

Mario is the kindest man I have ever meet and life will never be the same without his company in the body.

With my deepest sympathy to his beautiful family.

My sincere best wish to beloved Mario on his journey to his certain reward


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Bill Holter’s Commentary

Do they even have this much?

Deutsche Bank Slapped With $14 Billion Fine By DOJ Over Mortgage Probe
September 15, 2016

Blowback? Just a few weeks after the EU slapped Apple with a $14 billion bill for “back taxes,” the U.S. has apparently responded with a $14 billion fine of their own to Deutsche Bank to settle an outstanding probe into the company’s trading of mortgage-backed securities during the financial crisis.

Shareholders are not happy…

According to the Wall Street Journal, the proposed settlement would be largest fine paid by any of the banks related to similar charges. Unfortunately for DB, the fine is roughly equal to it’s entire market cap and the stock is plunging nearly 8% in after hours trading.


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Imagine adding 2+2 and coming up with minus 6.

That’s what it amounts to.

The Fed and Bureau of Labor Stats are crooked as hell, and don’t even attempt to hide it!!  Trump is right…reign in the Fed.

No wonder trillions in the budget go missing or unaccounted for.  When you don’t know how to add or subtract, or are just plain crooked, that’s what happens.

Typical government.

CIGA Wolfgang Rech

Empire Fed Mysteriously Rises Even As All Components Deteriorate
September 15, 2016

Over the past year we have seen numerous occasions where regional Fed diffusion indexes posted a headline rebound despite all their components deteriorating. Today was one such day, when moments ago the NY Fed released the Empire State Mfg Survey, which “somehow” rose from -4.21 to -1.99 (it still missed expectations of a -1.00 print). We say somehow because the “rise” happened even as every component in the index declined, to wit:

o New orders fell to -7.45 vs 1.04

o Shipments tumbled to -9.38 from 9.01

o Unfilled Orders fell to -11.61 from -9.28

o Delivery time fell to -4.12 from -6.25

o Inventory fell to -12.5 vs -4.12

o Number of employees fell to -14.29 vs -1.03

o Work hours fell to -11.61 vs 2.06

o Prices received fell to 1.79 from 2.06

There was just one component which rose – the one which should fall, namely prices paid, which rose from 15.46 to 16.96, and since this is the one component which cuts into profits (as prices received declined),  one can summarize that effectively every single component in the Empire Fed declined. And yet, the headline index rose.


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Bill Holter’s Commentary

Did we mention that this might be a problem?

Saudis Threaten US: “Passage Of Sept 11 Law Will Lead To Instability, Chaos And Extremism”
September 14, 2016

When Congress unaninmously passed a bill last Friday known as “Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act,” or JASTA, allowing families of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia in U.S. courts, there was confusion whether Obama would still veto said bill, as he had threatened to previously, even though by sheer numbers Obama’s veto may be overruled, leaving him hanging and appearing to support a Saudi position over that of the US people. Then on Monday we got the answer when White House press secretary Josh Earnest announced that Obama would still veto said bill. “That is still the plan,” Earnest said. “The president does intend to veto this legislation.”

The Saudis, however, are not taking any chances, and are back to engaging in the same verbal warnings they unleashed in April of this year, when they suggested passage of the law would force the kingdom to sell its US-denominated reserves: threats.

As Reuters reports, a senior Saudi policy adviser on Wednesday condemned a U.S. bill that would allow families of victims of the Sept. 11 attacks to sue the kingdom for damages, “warning it would stoke instability and extremism.” In other words, if Obama fails too stop a law which everyone in Congress voted for, the US would suffer.


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Lawmaker Issues Subpoena To FBI For Clinton Probe Records
September 13, 2016

A powerful Republican lawmaker abruptly stopped a hearing Monday on Capitol Hill to serve a subpoena demanding the FBI’s full investigative file on the Hillary Clinton email probe to a top official, telling the man “you are hereby served.”

The dramatic moment came as House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, expressed frustration that the FBI would not guarantee to provide the committee with the full, unedited, unredacted investigative summaries of the federal inquiry into Clinton’s homebrewed server and the Democratic presidential nominee’s potential mishandling of classified information.

“That’s the way a banana republic acts, not the way the United States of America acts,” Chaffetz told FBI acting legislative affairs chief Jason Herring. “I don’t expect to have to issue a subpoena to see unclassified information.”


Hillary Clinton Is Set Back by Decision to Keep Illness Secret
September 12, 2016

Shortly after receiving a diagnosis of pneumonia on Friday, Hillary Clinton decided to limit the information to her family members and close aides, certain that the illness was not a crucial issue for voters and that it might be twisted and exploited by her opponents, several advisers and allies said on Monday.

To those she did inform, Mrs. Clinton was emphatic: She intended to “press on” with her campaign schedule, she said. Her confidants concluded that she did not want to be challenged over her preference to keep the pneumonia private and continue working.

Mrs. Clinton’s inner circle was mindful of both her guardedness and her expectation of loyalty once her mind is made up. And she was optimistic that she could recover over the weekend, when she had only two brief events on her schedule, said the advisers and allies, who insisted on anonymity to disclose private conversations.


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Bill Holter’s Commentary

This is a very good perspective on how we “enhanced” our standard of living, only at the cost of printing “IOU’s”.

Gold and United States Imported Oil
September 12, 2016

The US has imported crude oil for many decades. The following data (1970 – 2015) comes from the Energy Information Administration of the US government. This data shows reported barrels of crude oil imported into the US.

(Note: This is not a comprehensive analysis of imported energy, nor does it compensate for exports of crude oil, imports or exports of coal, natural gas or other energy sources.)

Imported crude oil has increased erratically since 1970. Imports are down somewhat since 2008 due to the rise of fracking and the ongoing recession.


Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

He sounds like Donald Trump to me! Maybe Billy and Hillie have changed their minds?

Bill Clinton talking about immigration in the 1995 State of the Union.

Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

This is very serious and getting much harder to hide. I feel for her, but pressure is the name of the job she is working at.

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Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

The latest from John Williams’

- Tough Week Ahead for Headline Economic Data

- No Chance of a Near-Term Overheating of the Economy

- Jawboning for an Imminent FOMC Rate Hike Hits Stocks, Boosts the Dollar, Hits Gold and Silver

- Broad Outlook Unchanged

“No. 831: General Outlook “

Hillary Calls Trump Supporters A “Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Basket Of Deplorables”
September 10, 2016

Several days ago, the WSJ reported that in a change of strategy, Hillary would tone down her personal attacks on Trump to distance herself from an increasingly uglier mudslinging campaign on both sides. It didn’t last long: perhaps after she saw the latest polls which continue to slip away from her favor, and confirm the two candidates are again neck and neck, on Friday night during an LGBT fundraiser for her campaign in New York hosted by Barbara Streisand, Hillary unleashed an unprecedented ad hominem attack on what amounts a quarter of America, calling half of Trump’s supporters a “basket of deplorables.”

Cited by BuzzFeed, Hillary made a statement which 4 years ago effectively lost Mitt Romney the election: “you know, just to be grossly generalist, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables.”

“Right?” she said as the crowd laughed and applauded. “The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic — you name it,” Clinton continued. “And unfortunately there are people like that. And he has lifted them up. He has given voice to their websites that used to only have 11,000 people — now have 11 million. He tweets and retweets their offensive, hateful, mean-spirited rhetoric.