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Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Some of the management of the present Administration would never believe it, however it’s true.

“What A Mess!” – Pentagon At War With CIA In Syria
September 6, 2016

What a mess! In the crazy Syrian war, US-backed and armed groups are fighting other US-backed rebel groups. How can this be?

It is so because the Obama White House had stirred up war in Syria but then lost control of the process. When the US has a strong president, he can usually keep the military and intelligence agencies on a tight leash.

But the Obama administration has had a weak secretary of defense and a bunch of lady strategists who are the worst military commanders since Louis XV, who put his mistress, Madame de Pompadour, in charge of French military forces during the Seven Year’s War. The French were routed by the Prussians. France’s foe, Frederick the Great of Prussia, named one of his dogs, ‘la Pompadour.’


Bill Holter’s Commentary

My “German” Shepherds tried to register to vote and were turned away, I am appalled!

But then again they are natural born Costa Rica citizens and love to swim.

DOJ Catches Texas Violating The Court Order Against Its Voter Suppression Law
September 7, 2016

No one could have seen this one coming. Texas is violating a court order intended to prevent it from suppressing the vote, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. In July, a federal appeals court held that Texas’ voter ID law, a common method of voter suppression, violates the Voting Rights Act. In response, Texas agreed to be bound by a court order during the upcoming election that offers a workaround for voters who “cannot reasonably obtain” ID. T


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Common sense and basic principles are anachronisms. You can’t rely on your educational learnings. Applying them to today’s manipulated markets is suicide. Things really are different this time. Looking back at Weimar Germany, the smart money moved their holdings offshore to more stable currencies like the UK Sterling or US Dollar. Fortunes were made off the deteriorating Deutschmark. Unfortunately, that doesn’t fly today as the game has changed. We are now a GLOBAL economy. When one economy dies, they all die. When one currency dies, they all die! That makes Gold and Silver even more precious than in years past, as it has NO ties to anything or anyone. A standalone asset.

How much gold is in your wallet?

CIGA Wolfgang Rech

Warning to investors – DO NOT INVEST IN CURRENCIES
September 6, 2016

We see from time to time articles from investment groups talking about how they believe that the US Dollar will be strong for the next 18 months blah blah blah. It’s always positive to hear investment managers learning about FX. Unfortunately, as we explain in Splitting Pennies – FX isn’t like other markets. Investing in Currencies is an outright gamble. Let’s elaborate on this point, the difference between TRADING and INVESTING.

When someone says that the US Dollar will be ‘up’ in the next 6 months – how do they know there won’t be a black swan event, such as an act of terror, a surprise interest rate increase, a coup, or any number of other events that can shake markets?


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Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

The latest from John Williams’

- Real Construction Spending Remained Down 24% (-24%) from Recovering Its Pre-Recession Peak

- Weakest Real Construction Spending Growth since Series Trough in 2011

- Monthly Unemployment Data Simply Are Not-Comparable, Heavily Skewed by Inconsistent Seasonal Adjustments

- August 2016 Unemployment Rates Held Even: U.3 at 4.9%, U.6 at 9.7% and the ShadowStats-Alternate Rate at 23.0%

- Actual Monthly Change in August Payrolls Likely Was a Contraction – Though Bloated by Seasonal-Factor Distortions and Add-Factors, Annual Payroll Growth Effectively Held at a 30-Month Low – Second-Quarter Real Merchandise Trade Deficit Remained Worst Since 2007

- Surging Soybean Exports Provided Short-Lived, Temporary Relief for the July and Early-Trend Third-Quarter Trade Deficits

- Annual M3 Growth Notched Higher to 4.2% in August 2016, from 4.1% in July, With the Annual Decline in the Monetary Base Just Shy of a Record

“No. 829: Labor Market, Trade Deficit, Construction Spending, M3 and Consumer Conditions “

- Private Sector Clobbered by 2016 Payroll Benchmark Revisions

- Biggest Hits Were to Health Services, Temp Services, and Retail Trade

- Biggest Upside Revision Was in Government

“FLASH No. 830: Initial 2016 Benchmark Payroll Revisions “

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Dear Jim,

In its 100 year history, the Fed has NEVER reduced the size of its balance sheet. They ARE NOT GOING TO TIGHTEN. Talk is all they have left, so every time we have a Fed meeting on the schedule, the tired old rumors of a possible rate hike get trotted out again. The eternal unending devaluation of your money is well underway.

But don’t forget the Yen and the Euro look worse, so once again the dollar looks good when compared with other brands of electric toilet the meantime, thanks to your advice I returned 2000% on my investments in the first decade of this century. I intend to beat that in the second decade.

Thanks for caring,


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Bill Holter’s Commentary

Two great minds telling it like it is!

The Myth Of ‘Morning In America’—–How The Public Debt Went From $1 Trillion to $35 Trillion in Four Decades, Part 1
September 2, 2016

………One of the great virtues of the Trump candidacy is The Donald’s propensity to lob wild pitches—knowingly or not—at the sacred cows of Imperial Washington, thereby exposing the tissue of hypocrisy and can’t, which surrounds them.

But within the herd of revered ruminants none is slathered in more hypocrisy than the federal budget and official Washington’s unctuous professions of devotion to safeguarding the “full faith and credit of the United States.”

The truth of the matter, of course, is that our rulers have been marching the nation’s fiscal accounts straight toward national bankruptcy for the last 35 years, at least. And since the arrival of Ben Bernanke at the Fed, Washington’s actual policy with respect to the nation’s “credit” has been to debauch it.


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I did not plan to write another public article so soon after the last one but today’s topic(s) are very important and very connected in my opinion. I apologize for the length but I can’t make this stuff up, I just try to tie it together. First, we have been hearing the word “rigged” on a daily basis and pertaining to many facets of our life. We hear the word regarding markets, politics (specifically elections), our rule of law and judicial system, and even when it comes to lawmakers and bribery.

Bill Gross formerly of PIMCO, at one point managed the largest pool of money on the planet, he is no fool. I would also believe because of his fame, tenure and reputation, he would not lightly claim that markets are “rigged”. Not only has he claimed this for several months, he now says THE FED “has mastered market manipulation”! Please understand this is a VERY BIG statement on his part as he is (was?) a member of a very exclusive club (and we ain’t in it). Do you suppose he would risk his reputation and inclusion in “the club” lightly on just a suspicion? Or do you believe he is a man who firmly believes what he says and does so out of a steadfast conscience?

Speaking of “rigged”, there are those out there who will agree that ALL markets are rigged …except of course for gold and silver because “they would never do this” or “central banks could care less” about gold. It was just last week where we saw $1.5 billion worth of gold sold in just seconds …today we witnessed another $4.7 billion dumped all at once. These two trades combined represent over 6% of global annual production or about 3 weeks’ worth. As I have said 20 times before, no one has this amount of gold to sell and no trader who wanted to keep his job would ever sell like this, period. You have again witnessed IN YOUR FACE MANIPULATION!

The argument that all markets are rigged “except” gold and silver is hilarious. The rigging BEGAN in these markets for the simple reason they are the only credible threats and competition to fiat currency, namely the dollar. In order to keep the façade in place, the rigging has spread from market to market. If gold and silver were not suppressed, could we have zero percent interest rates …or the buying power that fiat currencies currently afford …or stocks at many multiples of book value and 20 times +++ earnings? No, we would already be living in a very different world …and one that will certainly arrive when the rigs finally fail!

As for politics, do you truly believe the polls? Isn’t it odd that Donald Trump continues to hold standing room only/lines around the block to get in to rallies …while Hillary draws only a few hundred? Yet the polls do not reflect this dynamic at all? And of course we are being fed horse manure by the press, so stinky that they (the press) themselves are talking about it. Even if you are a far left liberal, doesn’t the “American” in you tell you “something” is wrong regarding the lack of investigation into the Clinton Foundation and the blatantly stupid (and dangerous) actions of conducting government business on unsecure servers? (As a side note, I wonder how the press will react to her hacked e-mails; that will surely be dumped.).

Before getting off of politics, I have been saying for quite some time, “if we have elections?” and recently said I believed it to be greater than a coin flip chance we do not have them. Lo and behold – this from a mainstream outlet! Crazy stuff huh? Even if you only get your news from Facebook, you can sense the country is about to explode, left vs. right, racial strife, class strife, religious strife, even gender strife. Would we have an election if a major “terror” event occurred just before the election? Or I guess a better question would be, would a giant FALSE FLAG be enough to implement martial law …and postpone (cancel) the election? I find it hard to believe the mainstream press would ever ask if “the election could be delayed or eliminated”? Have they EVER asked this question publicly before? Are we being “prepped”???

Oh, and one more election related point. We are told that two states’ polling systems have been “hacked” …and that none other than Homeland Security (doesn’t the word “homeland” remind you of Germany a few years back?) will monitor the polls. Boy do I feel better! As soon as I read this one, my first thought was “it’s over”. They have shoved this down our throats, hook line and sinker! If this one flies, we can’t even blame Congress for “passing it so we can see what’s inside”…!

As the title suggests, we are now on the verge of economic WW III. The EU is pressing Apple for back taxes of $14.5 billion. I don’t get it, why now? This has been known for at least 10 years. I can remember John McCain suggesting we lower corporate tax rates or create an amnesty program where U.S. corporations are allowed to bring untaxed revenue back to home at far reduced rates…and that was 8 years ago! Of course, the next question is “who is next”? We already have hints that McDonald’s and Amazon are in the crosshairs. Is this retribution for the U.S. fining BNP Paribas last year? Is this Europe’s plan to re liquefy their system? Can you imagine what this will do to our financial system should $100′s of billions be claimed and actually paid to the EU? WOW, what a wealth transfer. My next questions are, how will the U.S. react to this? Will this create an all-out economic war? A hot war eventually? What will happen to the “rigs” in place on the markets? Will Europe attack our rigs and we attack theirs? Can the rigs survive an economic war?

Lastly, China reportedly just issued the first “SDR bond” in many many years.If nothing else, this is another step away from the dollar. China will soon be included in the SDR basket, this move looks to me like they are “bringing forth” the SDR and back into the system. It is almost like China is creating a new market, maybe even underwriting it if you will. In no way shape or form can this move be seen as dollar friendly. In fact, I am sure the U.S. did not invite China into the SDR and neither did they give blessing to the SDR bond issuance. I guess a funny question related to the body of this writing would be, how will the U.S. rig the SDR market?

Sadly, the U.S. has painted itself into a very ugly corner. The economic truth doesn’t work so the markets must be painted, bullied, and shackled. As our “rigs” have affected the rest of the world, they are pushing back. In some cases quietly and others quite publicly. The world sees us as “no more truth, no more justice and the American way has become lie, cheat and steal because you can get away with it.” The ugly truth provided from foreigners will expose our financially naked system and leave us as lonely pariahs stuck solo in a corner. Unfortunately, we as citizens will bear the brunt of all the lies piled up over the years as payment for a standard of living that never really was…

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Post script: Story broke last night that Deutsche Bank failed to deliver gold, if this is true it is game over. We await clarification as to what really happened and will comment at that point.

Standing watch,

Bill Holter

Holter-Sinclair collaboration

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