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Dear CIGAs,

Please check out the below video of one Bill and Jim’s weekly discussions posted on the JSMineset Gold Premium site (usually reserved for subscribers). It included discussion of the “why” of Monday’s attempt to hold a “Go to Meeting” review of the AGM (which was held on “Go to Meeting” Friday) when unfortunately, the trolls took over.

Respectfully yours,


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Bill Holter’s Commentary

I was a child of the 1960’s, all I could think of when I read this title was “danger Will Robinson”!

“The Reality Is, Half Of Americans Can’t Afford To Write A $500 Check”
March 6, 2017

The CEO of Assurant appeared on Bloomberg TV to explain why demand for his services is likely to increase: the chief executive of the mobile phone insurer said he expects a surge in demand as carriers charge customers more to replace their devices. “If you think back five years ago, you as a consumer didn’t know how much that phone cost, you thought it was free or close to free,” Assurant’s Alan Colberg said Monday. “Now you’re paying $600, that’s a lot. So we’ve actually seen the attachment rate, or the number of people buying the product, going up a little bit in the last couple of years.”

He then proceeded to give Bloomberg his traditional sales pitch: Assurant is counting on growth at its business covering phones and appliances to help counter a decline in the segment that insures foreclosed homes for lenders. While improvement in the real estate market has limited the number of vacant homes, Colberg said there are still many cash-strapped consumers.

It is what he said next that caught our attention: “The reality is, half of Americans can’t afford to write a $500 check,” Colberg said. He spun that stunning statistic by saying that when US customers sign up for a cellular plan, they’re willing to buy protection in case “they lose that phone or something happens to it.”


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Dear CIGAs,

There are several important figures or events happening that could have some dramatic impact on the markets especially since the markets have just risen on hope (not delivery) and on S&P futures buying by the Fed. Real income of the consumers has gone down for many years now and real inflation is not 1-2% but more likely 8%. Just look at the empty stores on Madison Avenue in NYC and the malls all over the US. Agreed some has to do with the increasing on-line sales and the real estate agents who only know to ask more money because they are morons and don’t have any sense of reality how the real world works. Though underlying there is an increasing weakness emerging in my point of view.

Anyway the important figures/events on March 15 are:

Fed decision, rate hike 0, 0.25% or 0.50%.

Debt Ceiling reached and if not increased The Treasury will run out of money by June 2017.

CPI figures for February (2.2%).

Elections in the Netherlands most likely showing a pull to the right. Followed by elections in France, Italy and Germany.

Main question is what is the upside or downside risk at this point. I think if the Fed increases interest rates it will really implode our fake or make believe economy and if they don’t increase interest rates the dollar will take a huge hit because it means that the Fed expresses the fact that the economy is far too weak.

Anyway my view is that there are no good decisions. When is Wall Street finally going to close the gap with main street which hasn’t really recovered as described.

I think people will get enough of paper (debt, shares and currencies), all fake promises, and want to have unencumbered no non nonsense (so not art or $100m apartments, or classic cars) tangible assets like physical precious metals and agricultural land.

Time will tell but the stand off in society is telling us something.

Best and have a great weekend.


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Bill Holter’s Commentary

Whether asleep or awake, it is obvious our entire financial system runs on “confidence”, this is a given. If this story is true, does it inspire confidence? If it is not true …does it inspire confidence? Do you believe this scandal will be the last? As I have been harping on “truth bombs”, can you see them as they surface? Do you understand the point and the “why” to this post? “Truth Trumps Confidence”, a nice play on words but please understand its meaning!

Obama Administration Denies Towergate: Insiders Blast Donald Trump’s Claims Obama Wire-Tapped His Phones At Trump Tower Before The Election In ‘Nixon/Watergate’ Style Scandal
March 4, 2017

The Obama administration has denied President Donald Trump’s claims that Barack Obama wire-tapped his phones at Trump Tower before the election.

Ben Rhodes, the former policy advisor for Obama, blasted Trump’s accusations on Twitter: ‘No President can order a wiretap. Those restrictions were put in place to protect citizens from people like you.’

Rhodes’ response came shortly after Trump fired off a flurry of tweets early Saturday morning claiming that the former president had been spying on him in October, a month before his election victory.


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I thought I would put today in perspective for those throwing in the towel on gold and silver. 23,000 silver contracts were sold in just a few minutes this morning. This equates to 115 million ounces. For perspective, there are only two countries in the world that produce this much in one year, Mexico and Peru. China roughly produces 115 million ounces but the production is not normally sold onto world markets.

Looking at this from a “company” perspective, no single company even comes close to producing 115 million ounces. In fact, the three largest silver producing companies in the world, Fresnillo, KGHM Polska, and Goldcorp only produce about 125 million ounces combined over a year’s time.

Today’s action, selling 115 million ounces of silver is an impossibility in any “real world” governed by any real rule of law because of the above production numbers. As I have said for years when these raids occur, “no one has this much silver to sell, and no one would be stupid enough to sell in this fashion if they were trying to get the best price possible for themselves or their client”.

What you witnessed today was an act of total desperation not to mention stupidity. “They” have absolutely tipped their hand and done something so obvious and egregious that they have probably ended their own “game”. You should understand one thing and one thing only from today, buy as much physical silver as you can possibly afford and have it delivered out to you or a non bank vault.

I say this because “game over” has arrived and the day is quite near when gold and silver will not be attainable at any fiat price. They will be bid with no offer. Ask yourself a couple of very simple questions. Could anyone enter an order to purchase 100 million ounces of silver and actually have it filled and real silver delivered? During a time of stress in the financial system, how many different individuals/corporations/money managers/countries have the ability to swing a $2 billion trade? 1,000? 10,000? More? Money is sloshing around a system with no foundation and stumbling like a drunk with a .3 blood alcohol level, all that is needed to completely wipe out and default these paper markets is “pocket change” to many, many entities. “Fear” will be the initial trigger, what do you suppose the emotion will be when it is understood gold nor silver is available for purchase? Please use your God given common sense, what was done today is not a possibility if the market was real, it is not!

Standing watch and calling bullshit on this one!

Bill Holter

Holter-Sinclair collaboration

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Bill Holter’s Commentary

Now they call for Jeff Sessions to resign …significantly upping the ante. As I wrote yesterday, a race is on between either trashing the Trump administration or indictments and perp walks. My money is on truth bombs that shock the world to its core!

Key G.O.P. Lawmakers Say Jeff Sessions Should Recuse Himself From Russia Inquiry
March 2, 2017

WASHINGTON — Congressional Republicans began breaking ranks on Thursday to join Democrats in demanding that Attorney General Jeff Sessions recuse himself from overseeing an investigation into contacts between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. Those calls came after the disclosure that Mr. Sessions himself spoke with the Russian ambassador last year, in seeming contradiction to his testimony at his confirmation hearing.

The partisan furor that broke out with the Justice Department’s acknowledgment of the contacts late Wednesday began to take on a bipartisan sheen as the controversy spilled into Thursday morning.

The House majority leader, Kevin McCarthy, Republican of California, said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that Mr. Sessions “needs to clarify” his testimony and that he also thought Mr. Sessions should recuse himself from Russia-linked investigations.


Bill Holter’s Commentary

The last of the rough riders… and maybe the end of “Bundy standoffs” for at least the next four years?

New Interior Secretary Zinke Rides Horse To Work On First Day
March 2, 2017

As Politico’s John Bresnahan first noted, anyone scoping out the Dept of the Interior today was greeted with an odd sight:Trump’s new Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke, rode a horse to his first day of work at the department’s Washington, D.C., headquarters, Thursday morning. Zinke wore a cowboy hat, boots and jeans for the Thursday morning ride, which preceded a welcoming event in the lobby of the building.

Photos tweeted by Zinke and by Interior’s Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement show the former Navy SEAL riding with U.S. Park Police officers. “Honored to stand with the brave officers of @USParkPolice – these professionals put their lives on the line for us,” Zinke tweeted.

Why a horse? The transportation choice aligns with Zinke’s choice to brand himself as a conservative and conservationist in the mold of President Teddy Roosevelt, a strong advocate for outdoor recreation who established numerous national parks. As The Hill adds, Zinke was Montana’s sole House representative before the Senate confirmed him to the Interior post Wednesday. Vice President Pence swore him in Wednesday night.


Bill Holter’s Commentary

$2 billion worth of silver sold? …if I’m not mistaken, total global silver production in a year is about $15 billion. In layman’s terms, almost two months of global silver production was sold in minutes. Again, “who” actually has this amount of silver and “who” (what idiot?) would ever sell in this fashion and not be fired for destroying their own price to sell at? Clearly an effort to keep silver from crossing its 200 day moving average just over $18 but nothing to see here, especially by the CFTC. The day will come when gold and silver cannot be had for ANY amount of fiat, make sure you are sitting on your stack when that day arrives!

Silver Is Collapsing On Massive Volume
March 2, 2017

At exactly 1130ET (as Europe closed), someone decided to unload over $2 billion notional of silver into the futures pits…


Over 23,000 Silver futures contracts suddenly puked into the market as soon as Europe closed…



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I had a long conversation with Jim Sunday evening regarding the increase in volume and pitch to sabotage President Trump. He asked that I write an article addressing the push/pull toward impeaching or at least neutering him. The “movement” to impeach him (even before taking office) has grown and now looks like there are actual odds the “left” will try in reality.

I wrote “the left” above but in reality it is not just the left as we have seen Paul Ryan, Darrell Issa and other so called conservatives begin to change colors. The reality is Donald Trump is up against a very powerful machine that is entrenched and sucking the life out of the country. This machine is not U.S. centric but in fact has tentacles all over the world with a stranglehold on many “not so sovereign” governments.

The story has been Russia, Russia, Russia, in a he said she said fashion. To this point there is and has been zero evidence directly tying Mr. Trump to Russia…but no matter, they may make some up. Michael Flynn did resign after admitting he spoke to a Russian minister though we still do not have transcripts. We believe Mr. Flynn most certainly asked Russia to not take the bait and retaliate at further U.S. sanctions after the election but before the inauguration. For this, Jim and I believe he should be given the medal of honor for averting WW III. We ask, where was the press, where were the left AND the right when president Obama was caught on a hot microphone in conversation with Russian president Medvedev saying “I will have more flexibility after the next election”? His statement of course fully understood and followed by Mr. Medvedev responding “I will inform Vladimir”. Where was the outrage then?!

As quipped above, we believe something will be “made up” in an effort to impeach President Trump. It is now most likely a “race” to get something started as fast as possible, prior to AG Jeff Sessions handing down any indictments. Please understand, this is a fight to the death between light and dark, and ANYTHING goes! Ask yourself this simple question, if President Trump was truly pulling the strings …and truly in bed with Russia, then why is it five Russian diplomats have recently been assassinated or had “untimely” heart attacks? These men were all long time personal friends of Mr. Putin, it certainly looks like he is being goaded into responding with force.

But why? Why does it (and has for several years) appear like the U.S. is trying to incite a war with Russia? This question I believe is most simple of all, the “deep state” either believes they can pull off another WWI or WWII where they pull the economy from the jaws of depression…or more likely, they know the current system cannot continue and must kick the table over. I have been on the record for at least two years, “they must place blame” on something other than their Ponzi, blood sucking policies as reason for the collapse.

This is a very dangerous game both nationally and internationally. Internationally they are playing with human annihilation. Nationally they are playing with revolution, this needs a little explaining. If Mr. Trump is impeached, it will require votes from the right to do so …immediately after the people have spoken by taking both houses and 35 governorships. Should impeachment go forward, Joe six pack will take to the streets. Mr. six pack should not be confused with a bunch of delirious snowflakes carrying signs and backed up by paid vandals. No, Mr. six pack will be PACKING! He will be packing long arms and laden with full clips. Interestingly, there are many, and a majority of “law enforcement” named “JOE SIXPACK” who actually still believe in the rule of law.

Personally, as I hear of the prospects of impeachment, unless some “evidence”, REAL evidence, were to come out that actually makes sense and not a piece of Swiss cheese logic, I (and Jim) have personally decided to be Joe six packs. We are in a fight to retain, or to lose our country altogether. True Americans put up with huge transgressions over the past eight (and many prior) years. Like it or not, we were led by a Muslim president, probably not a natural born citizen and of questionable sexuality …but we did not riot, we did not destroy our neighbors businesses. No, we voted, because that is the “civilized” thing to do…

What I am arriving at is this, Joe six pack will not stand idly by when he is finally told “your vote does not matter”. Mr. six pack was fooled for many years when his “choices” were not really a choice, a vote for either one was a vote for “the machine”. Mr. six pack got wise to this and decided throw a monkey wrench into the machine. Joe can be told, and can accept many things. What he will not accept is “your vote does not count”! We hope it does not come to this but the road map shows that most all roads do lead to it. The odds, whether you like them or not, appear to favor an internal civil war unless the bastards get us nuked first.

(The above was written early Tuesday. It was purposely held until after President Trump addressed the nation and Congress. He vowed to put Americans, and “America” first. The man is trying to fulfill the promises he ran on (what a novel idea!) which is in direct opposition to the deep state and globalists plans. He said many things, many that even someone with any retained sanity on the left should applaud. He spoke to Americans as an AMERICAN! Now we must wait to see what the reaction is from the deep state and their propaganda media machine. Does the push from the deep state continue with more volume and shrill? They need to be very careful in how and how far they push as Joe six pack has his limits… the election as proof. The race is on between impeachment and indictments. Arrests and perp walks of high enough profile individuals will go a long way toward this country taking the correct fork in the road)!

Standing watch,

Bill Holter

Holter-Sinclair collaboration

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Bill Holter’s Commentary

What a novel idea, food for actual work? Who will be the second state? Finances generally force some form of sanity, not always quickly but mathematically an eventuality.

Maine Drops 9,000 From Food Stamps After Refusal To Comply With Work Requirements
February 26, 2017

Republican Governor Paul LePage dared to begin enforcing Maine’s volunteer and work requirements for food stamp (SNAP) recipients to keep their benefits. The end result was more than 9,000 non-disabled adults getting dropped from the program.


As CNS News’ Eric Schiener reports, a Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) spokesman tells the Associated Press that 12,000 non-disabled adults were in Maine’s SNAP program before Jan. 1 – a number that dropped to 2,680 by the end of March…

The rules prevent adults, who are not disabled and do not have dependents, from receiving food stamps for more than three months unless they work at least 20 hours a week, participate in a work-training program, or meet volunteer guidelines for 24 hours out of the month.