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Unanswered Questions about Wells Fargo
September 21, 2016

Wells Fargo has admitted to creating 1.5 million unauthorized retail bank accounts and 565,000 unauthorized credit applications. Speaking as the former Assistant Secretary of Housing – FHA Commissioner, my questions are:

How many credit cards were issued to the phony account holders?

How many auto loans were originated for the phony holders?

How many mortgage loans were originated for the phony holders?

Moreover, if credit cards and loans were associated with these accounts:

Who provided related auto and housing insurance?

How many of the mortgage loans were insured by VA or FHA?

How many mortgage loans were securitized by Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and Ginnie Mae?

Who are the private investors who bought the related securities?

Are they being paid an above market return?

Are any of these securities being purchased by central banks? If so, which ones? Are phony account mortgages from Wells Fargo among the$1.763 trillion of mortgage-backed securities on the Fed’s balance sheet?

Where did the proceeds of all the mortgages and related securities go?


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I’m not going to burden you, or myself, with fact checks as we all read the same daily missives from the Mainstream Media.

I’ve decided to alter, hard as it may be, my habitual focus on minute by minute attention to breaking news items and price changes regarding the domestic and global economies. My reluctance to step back and view the forest has done more harm to my thinking than I care to admit.

So let’s look at the forest, and forget about the trees:

-Excessive liquidity via trillions of dollars in QE has been futile in creating economic growth.

-QE is a recipe for eventual hyperinflation.

-Equity markets are in the process of rolling over. Look at ALMOST any stock and you’ll find a rounding top pattern.

-China/Russia have been buying and hoarding gold, hand over fist.

-China/Russia are promoting their own currencies in international trade, leading to the eventual demise of the U.S. Dollar.

-Derivative markets have exploded to over $1 quadrillion.

-Banks, pension funds, hedge funds, etc. have all been accumulating high risk assets in search of yield.

-Most Western nations have accrued massive amounts of debt, mathematically impossible to pay off.

-The November elections in the U.S., no matter who wins, will lead to massive infrastructure and defense spending (not to mention ever increasing entitlements).

-Negative interest rates are not only draining pensioners’ source of livelihood, but contributing to the demise of pension funds themselves.

-As a sidebar, negative interest rates are slowly creating an atmosphere of social discontent with the prospect of banning currency. Now people are forced to pay banks to keep their deposits, and pay governments to purchase their bonds. This can erupt into violent protest among the public, as keeping cash under the mattress (the best investment available to the common man at the moment) will no longer be an option.

-We are as the cusp of slowly losing our Constitutional rights. Our forefathers fight in 1776 to preserve our liberties will have been for naught.

-Criminal charges against the financial community, for fiscal improprieties and lack of adherence to their fiduciary responsibilities, are nowhere to be found. Simply look at the recent Well Fargo debacle where the executive responsible for the massive fraud Carrie Tolstedt) gets released, yet is accommodated with a $125 million parting bonus!

-We are at war with every part of the globe. If that’s not the beginning of WW3, I don’t know what is.

-We are fighting alternative religious sects (read Muslims), alternative nationalities (read Latinos), alternative skin colors (Blacks and Asians), and last but not least…..our Allies in trade and commerce throughout the world.

I find that all these points (and there are many more) to be an irreversible movement toward the bowels of Hell. Let the Fed raise rates or let them lower rates. It really doesn’t matter. There is no turning back.

Markets are no longer free, but manipulated and controlled to such an extent that all your economic education can be tossed out the window. It no longer applies.

On a positive note………………the Nasdaq hit a new all time high!

CIGA Wolfgang Rech

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This story says “Horses communicate with humans”. Really? Did they think it was just a 1,200 pound animal without any thoughts? Probably a good idea to understand “what” your horse is saying to you because if he is pissed for any reason and you do not know it, very bad things can happen! Of course I had to read the article but have to call BS on it right out of the gate. If they really wanted to do what was best for the horse they would let them be horses. A horse blanket? Horses DO NOT need blankets, how did they survive before man? Horses grow a winter coat and unless some idiot puts a blanket on them (which will rub off the winter hair), the horse will be fine! My farrier is 75 years old and worked in North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming for many years, he told me he never saw a horse “freeze to death”. (He did however see one horse suffocate because of an ice storm that froze its nostrils shut). If you blanket a horse once or twice …you must do so for the rest of the winter because you have thinned out the coat. Yes I know, “my poor baby is cold and I want to keep him warm” …let the horse be a horse! Related, a general rule of thumb is to watch “how much” and how thick your horses early winter coat grows in …a very good indicator as to how cold your winter will be.

A short video of man and horse “communicating”.

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As China prepares to announce their gold reserve amount by end of the month, debate over gold backed Yuan increases sharply
September 21, 2016

As part of their requirements to enter into the SDR basket of currencies in October, China will soon be revealing the quantity of their gold reserves sometime between now and Sept. 30. And with them also recently being appointed the managers of the M SDR internationalization program, debate over China implementing a gold backed currency is once again increasing at an accelerating rate.

At the heart of the discussion is how China is using their growing geo-political power to integrate 3rd world nations, especially those in Africa, in moving forward despite not having the economic finances to expand their infrastructure base. And to date this has been shown to be moderately successful in a myriad of different ways, and could be the catalyst for catapulting a gold backed Yuan using their growing alliances and Silk Road strategies to envelop a large portion of the world under a financial umbrella that would be impervious to U.S. and Western subjugation.

In his March interview with CCTV the geostrategic analyst highlighted that China is “facilitating trade and development for Third World nations in ways major Western funders could not.” Beijing is interested in boosting logistic networks in Eurasia and therefore it founded the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) to fund the projects.


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Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Some how this picture and words do not instil much confidence that we can escape the “Zombie Market Apocalypse.” Markets do not exist anywhere but in cyberspace without demand below the last sale or supply above. Computers fights with each other for the putrid flesh that is still left in this virtual market place. The eventual results are going to be a crash of unprecedented volatility and distance. The real Zombies is the market itself more so than the broken banking system. You can sum the situation up as markets do not exist, specialists are really non existent in the form of their original purpose. In the final analysis technology and geeks killed the golden goose.

Here’s One Big Reason The Fed Can Wait To Raise Rates
September 19, 2016

Here’s another reason why the Federal Reserve can leave rates unchanged Wednesday: Financial conditions are significantly tighter thanks to new money-market regulations that go into effect next month.

Libor—the London interbank offered rate, a measure of the cost for banks to borrow from each other in dollars that also serves as a benchmark reference rate for trillions of dollars in private-sector debt around the world, including corporate loans and mortgages—has been on the rise since late last year, recently hitting levels not seen since the 2008-09 financial crisis.

Much of the increase has been attributed to anticipation of new Securities and Exchange Commission money-market rules that will take effect mid-October.


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Bill and Jim interviewed Ann Barnhardt, topics include the complete loss of the rule of law, virtual markets that do not discover price, the upcoming election which Ann calls the equivalent of “pro wrestling”, and her take on Islam as a political system rather than a religion.  Don’t miss this one!