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Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

The latest from John Williams’

- Representing 65% of the GDP, Industrial Production Fell Year-to-Year for the Fourth-Straight Quarter

- Outside of Formal Recessions, Two-or-More Consecutive Quarters of Annual Decline are Unprecedented in the 98-Year History of the Production Series

- September Monthly Production Gains Reflected No More than Downside Revisions to August and Before

- Weaker than Initial August Reporting, September Production Was Down by 1.42% (-1.42%) from Its Pre-2007 Recession High; Down by 2.31% (-2.31%) from Its One-Month, November 2014 Recovery

- September Manufacturing Was Down 6.28% (-6.28%) from Its Never-Recovered Pre-Recession Peak

- Domestic Oil and Gas Exploration Collapse Tentatively Appears to be Bottoming, in the Context of Bottoming of Oil Prices

“No. 840: September Industrial Production “

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Decline of Empire: Parallels Between the U.S. and Rome, Part I

As some of you know, I’m an aficionado of ancient history. I thought it might be worthwhile to discuss what happened to Rome and based on that, what’s likely to happen to the U.S. Spoiler alert: There are some similarities between the U.S. and Rome.

But before continuing, please seat yourself comfortably. This article will necessarily cover exactly those things you’re never supposed to talk about—religion and politics—and do what you’re never supposed to do, namely, bad-mouth the military.

There are good reasons for looking to Rome rather than any other civilization when trying to see where the U.S. is headed. Everyone knows Rome declined, but few people understand why. And, I think, even fewer realize that the U.S. is now well along the same path for pretty much the same reasons, which I’ll explore shortly.


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Greetings, Bill. You’re right of course. It’s all well documented in the alternate media universe, for those with enquiring minds.
Your excellent piece the other day should be a wake-up call for many. We count ourselves lucky to be somewhat removed from the immediate danger zone, way down here, although we do have family and old friends in Bellevue, WA.
Casey covered the broad topic well, a while back, as well as the benefits of living in Argentina, somewhat removed from recent ‘interventions’ there by the, increasingly desperate, hegemon.
Ancient Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times.
Regards to all there; luv ya work!
And now to mine….
Hope springs eternal, ever, in the human breast….

image003 (2)

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Dear CIGAs,

Even though this map has a few years on it, I would suggest it is entirely wrong, the U.S. should be the brightest red. “We” are certainly a “targeted” country, we have also had “U.S. bombings” and of course assassinations. Please think this through before replying and telling me this is a map of “U.S. Military and CIA interventions since WWII” and they would never do such things internally. We live a life of “interventions”. If you watched your TV today, you were “intervened” so to speak…


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Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Markets still orbit the sun of Deutsch Bank, which dims every day.

Germany HELL: Doom For Deutsche Bank As Largest Lender Qatar ‘Pulls Plug On Future Equity’
October 15, 2016

SINKING Deutsche Bank has been dealt a hammer blow today after its biggest backer pulled the plug on future equity, it has been claimed.

According to sources the bank is now facing a crisis of gargantuan proportions after the Qatari royal family, who were reported to be involved in bond deals just last week, expressed concern over their long-term strategy.

Analysts say this could be the final nail in the coffin for the bank which this week was accused of using stealth methods to woo investors.


US Nuclear Attack Warning ‘Upgraded To Level 3′ As Russian Threat Goes ‘Beyond Cold War’
October 14, 2016

The defense readiness condition, dubbed DEFCON, is an alert system used by the US military to indicate the risk of nuclear war.

The system has five levels of readiness, or states of alert, increasing in severity from DEFCON 5 – the least severe – to DEFCON 1 – the most severe.

The current DEFCON level is understood to be 5 – the lowest state of readiness.


7 Ways Russia Is Telling People to Prepare for War
October 14, 2016

With tensions between Russia and the United States at their highest since the Cold War, there have been alarming signs coming out of Moscow that suggest the country is ready for war.

Almost no one believes the Kremlin is actually preparing for a military conflict with the United States. Most analysts instead see it as a show, intended to boost support at home and to deter Western countries from intervening militarily in Syria.

There are some unsettling things Russia has done, however, to give the impression that war is looming:

Beware the ‘Nuclear Dimensions’


Iran’s 34th Fleet Faces US Flotilla Opposite Yemen
October 14, 2016

Iran’s Navy commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari announced Thursday, Oct. 13, that the Iranian 34th Fleet had deployed warships to the Bab al-Mandeb strait opposite the shores of Yemen. He made no mention of the US Tomahawk attack two days ago that destroyed three Iranian radar stations set up on Yemen’s Red Sea shore in rebel Houthi territory. This was US retaliation for Iranian missile attacks on American warships.

All the Iranian admiral said was: “The fleet will provide security to seaways for Iranian vessels and protect Iran’s interests on the high seas.”

DEBKAfile’s military sources disclose the new Iranian fleet deployment consists of the Bushehr logistical command helicopter carrier, the largest warship in its navy, and the Alboz guided missile destroyer.


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Sadly, I must write what follows and do not do it lightly. Over the years when writing, I have held little back. Nothing will be held back in this missive as we are on the brink of war because apparently we have lunatics in Washington (and elsewhere) far more insane than the inmates they oversee.

This past week has seen the lunacy shift several gears in only days. We see the U.S. pushing Russia for war everywhere. We recently stationed and commissioned live nuclear missiles in both Poland and Romania …along Russia border. I can only imagine the response were Russian missiles stationed in Cuba or even Mexico? Russia has taken this (and other moves) very seriously as their population of 40 million drilled last week for a nuclear attack. They have also stationed their S300 and S400 missiles in Syria, U.S. warplanes will be on suicide missions should they aggress.

This is not “gut feel” or hunch, my conclusions are a result of actions. Yesterday we learned the RAF (British air force) instructed their pilots to shoot down Russian planes over Syria. We also know the U.S. recently painted several planes in Russian colors. Do you really believe this is for a drill? Or more likely some sort of false flag where eyewitnesses swear they saw MIGs with their own eyes attack some target?

We also learned yesterday that Philippine president Duterte has ordered the U.S. out and off their islands. In what world could this ever happen?  Why is he emboldened? Simply because he has cut a deal with China/Russia for his protection and that of the Philippines.

Other pieces to the puzzle include Russia calling for the return of their school children in foreign lands, Yemen recalling all of their worldwide ambassadors, and diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Russia are now dark. We also know “today is the day” that “military options” in Syria will be discussed by Obama and his advisors in Washington. I would first ask, why are we even in or around Syria? There has been no declaration of war by Congress, Syria has not “invited” us as they have the Russians, and there is no (bogus) U.N. resolution calling for our military intervention. On what grounds are we even in Syria?

I have said for quite a while, the odds of us having an election have been getting slimmer and slimmer. What would a hot war with a nuclear exchange do to the odds? Please understand this, for all of Donald Trump’s bad points, he has now taken on the both the Dems and Repubs as a “system”. For all intents and purposes, they are one and the same. He cannot be allowed to win because both the Clinton and Bush crime families will be exposed. Much of the crime has been financial and why our economy and markets are on the verge of collapse.

A war will serve to postpone/prevent an election so Trump nor anyone else will be able to move us back toward the rule of law. A war will also be blamed as the reason our economy and markets fall apart and completely seize up. It will be said, “our policies were working and would have worked …except for the war”. Unfortunately, I believe kicking the table over is THE only option left.

I have had several readers write in to me after my last interviews and admonish me for not thinking this through correctly. They have chided me and I paraphrase, “they are not crazy and will not opt for war because no one wants to kill themselves or commit suicide. A nuclear war is suicide.” To this I would respond, desperate people do desperate things. They cannot allow their criminal activities to be exposed and will do anything to stop the truth from coming out. These people are so narcissistic they probably believe (and have prepared for) they can survive a nuclear war because they are such “superior human beings”. We are dealing with absolute delusion here folks, DO NOT underestimate the evil, nor the lengths these people will go to cover their tracks.

Others have chided me for talking about “war” yet not spelling out what it really means. War, and any nuclear exchange will mean your “life is over”. Americans located at ground zero will be the lucky ones as the survivors will die a slow death either from radiation or starvation. Do not fool yourself, the U.S. is broke, the aftermath of any exchange will leave the U.S. isolated and shut off from credit. The world will no longer accept dollars for trade and our trade deficit will no longer see containers of goods dropped off in exchange for dollars. “Distribution” will also break down with our financial markets, “goods” will not make it to store shelves and banks holding worthless dollars will not allow you access as their doors will be shut. Simply put, unless you can survive a world that goes back to 1900 and earlier, you will not survive. Ask yourself this, can today’s pampered population survive if I-phones and internet do not exist? It is a very hard hitting realism but understanding how far we have strayed from “self sufficiency” is an important concept to understand.

To finish, I believe there is still a chance to avoid global war …but will result in U.S. civil war. Even though the press is refusing to report on the Wiki dumps, I believe Mr. Putin (as demonized as he is) has the ability to stop the madness with a “truth bomb”. If Mr. Putin drops a gigantic truth bomb with absolute and incontrovertible proof, maybe war can be avoided. His truth

bomb(s) will need to include everything from a to z. It must include proof of the rigging of markets, stolen and embezzled funds, stolen and rigged elections, drug running, illegal arms sales, and of course murder and assassinations.

Many of these truths are currently being revealed by WikiLeaks but not reported by any mainstream press and of course the dots not being connected by a very dumbed down public. We even learned of Justice Scalia’s “wet works” (assassination) yesterday via the e-mail dump …not even a Supreme Court Justice’s assassination warrants MSM coverage? In my opinion, Mr. Putin must dump what truth they have amassed and do so globally and as loud and flamboyantly as possible. Somehow, the information must be forced to be seen by an American public with blinders on. I believe the only way that war is avoided will be from a mass uprising and gross civil unrest of the U.S. population screaming ENOUGH!

Praying God’s mercy for us all,

Bill Holter

Holter-Sinclair collaboration