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Dear CIGAs,

For those of you emailing Jim, please include your telephone or cell phone numbers where he can reach you at. We do not keep this information for any reason other than to return your calls/emails. Due to volume of emails, please try to keep questions as short as possible. For Jim’s sake also please send them in size 16 font.

Please note Jim DOES NOT recommend or give opinions on specific investments through JSMineset. This includes stocks, bonds, ETFs, bullion dealers, etc.

We generally do not recommend brokers or “safe” institutions to deal with either. We can however help you with what you need to ask and important things to find out in order to make sound investment decisions on your own behalf. Keep in mind was never meant to provide investment advice; it was designed as a teaching forum to empower investors to make their own decisions.

Also, before contacting us please use the “Search” feature in the top right corner as MANY of the questions we receive have been covered many times. We will be posting a Frequently Asked Questions page shortly, which will be updated regularly based on questions we receive, so be sure to check there regularly as well! More information will be posted about this when the page comes online.

Should you wish to contact us:

To contact Jim Sinclair:
Email him at [email protected]
Or by phone at 1-860-364-0450

To contact Dan Duval, JSMineset’s Editor and Webmaster:
Email him at [email protected]
Email him at [email protected]

To contact Monty Guild of Guild Investment Management:
Email him at [email protected]
Visit his website:
(You can sign up for his free market commentary email on his homepage)

For those of you using Facebook:
Feel free to visit JSMineset’s official group, located at

Jim, Monty and I can all be found there. All we ask is that you stick to the email addresses listed above if you have questions. Please use the Facebook group to facilitate discussions on topics that are of interest to you, and to post any articles, pictures or videos you feel would benefit the community.

Thank you for all your support! Without you all JSMineset would not be what it is today.

Dan Duval
JSMineset Editor<–>