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Saturday’s Q&A Session Summary

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Dear Extended Family, Old and New Friends, It was a pleasure to meet with you in Los Angeles on Saturday. It was our privilege to meet with you in open discussion about world events, economic conditions, the markets and precious metals. These topics are close to all of us and it was great to have… Read more »

In The News Today

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The Stench Of Freddie Mac Is Back – $18 Billion In Crony Capitalist Thievery New York City, New York November 11, 2015 Washington’s capacity to foster crony capitalist larceny and corruption never ceases to amaze. But according to the Bloomberg story below, Wall Street’s shameless thievery from US taxpayers is about to get a whole… Read more »

Financial Aid Hand Out To Greece

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My Dear Extended Family, After today’s news on Greece getting financial aid, the imminent demise of the Euro in terms of market expectations is behind us. That being true, the dollar rally is now challenged. With the dollar rally challenged the general commodity market decline should decelerate and end. As a result of all the… Read more »

GOTS: Get Out Of The System

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**Originally posted June 9th, 2013** Dear CIGAs, What does “Get Out of The System (GOTS)” mean to you? One things is as certain as Death and Taxes, You “GOTS” to go. Inertia and long term mulling over could cost you blockage of up to 83% of your assets. The first 6 GOTS you must do…. Read more »

Questions Regarding Tanzanian Royalty Exploration

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Dear Friends, The blogger named James Emerson does not exist. He or she is writing under an assumed name, on a website operated by a company based offshore, and Tanzanian Royalty does not give credence to any commentator who refuses to be accountable. In addition, the company cannot by law give selective disclosure to reporters,… Read more »