Have You Been Damaged By the Manipulation Of Gold And Silver ?

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Dear CIGAs,

I have been exploring and analyzing the present and proposed litigation of Gold and Silver Precious Metals (PMs). I have reached some conclusions and want to share my views and offer you an important opportunity to join with me to address this problem in a never before used litigation approach.

Are you a PM share investor? … A PM producer? … A company whose business was injured as a result of the manipulation and suppression of the price of Gold or Silver? If so, please email me as soon as possible, and provide contact information for me to confer with you. If your entity meets the above criteria, I will speak with you personally as soon as possible.

I have investigated Class Action Suits, and other conventional causes of action. I have not been satisfied by my findings. We not only need a cause of action, we need a prevailing case. We need a winning plan of action, not just another law suit on top of the heap of other emerging law suits.

After analyzing, investigating and brain storming with various legal counsel, a Class Action Suit doesn’t seem to be the best strategy or tactic for recovering from the market rigging of PMs. It seems apparent that Class Action Suits have too many drawbacks. After careful research, I believe Class Action Suits for redress of PM manipulation will fail due to many of the drawbacks.

Some of the drawbacks are:

  1. Even if successful, the classes may be so large that very little is ultimately returned to the plaintiffs in a settlement.
  2. Class Actions are long, protracted litigation and assets of the defendants may evaporate long before settlement. Class action suits can take a decade to resolve.
  3. Many Class Actions are framed inaccurately regarding who is eligible to be a member of the Class.
  4. The definition of eligibility for Class standing may be too broad and encompass too many plaintiffs.
  5. Many Class actions initially fail in Summary Judgment.
  6. Class Action complaints may be ill-presented and not truly representative of all members of the Class since often some, but not all issues apply to the entire class. This is too cumbersome.
  7. The costs of a Class Action are prohibitively high.
  8. Not all Class Action witnesses represent all members of the Class, or all issues.  Often, witnesses are too academic rather than factual (evidentiary) or probative of actual damages.

The above are just some of the drawbacks to Class Action Suits. We do not choose a Class Action Suit for the above reasons. We plan to win so a winning structure to litigation is fundamentally important to a positive and successful outcome.

I believe after careful consideration, we have found the structure and method of winning in litigation against market manipulators. If you are an executive, decision-making officer of a PM producer, or in the process of becoming a PM producer, or an otherwise already operating entity in the production of PMs, and have damages due to the rigged manipulation of the PMs markets, please email me. I welcome your email and will reach out to you. Your entity can be operating anywhere in the world. I am not proposing a Class Action Suit, but we need each other for our mutual benefit in this litigation. I am happy to reach out to parties who have been financially injured and may be interested in participating with us in this dynamic, never before applied litigation strategy.

No money is being asked of you. We are not soliciting funds to finance litigation, and we will not solicit litigation financing from you during the litigation process. This is a contingent fee litigation, which means legal counsel and expenses for litigation are paid, and only paid when we win.

A few moments of time can determine our mutual needs, desires and benefits. Due to the manipulation which suppressed PM prices, we producers and those becoming producers have been significantly damaged. We need to overcome the apathy this suppression of the PM price has created in the producer’s industry. We need to overcome the inertia these suppressed PM prices have created and move forward to recover our damages. We need to act as expeditiously as possible.

Once interested parties are on board, we will arrange a conference call with legal counsel. Our legal counsel will present the revolutionary framework for our successful litigation against those who have manipulated the price of PMs and financially harmed us due to their actions.

For our JSMineset readers, I request that you urge the production entities you are involved with to discuss this important opportunity with me. Together we can make the difference. Speak with the decision makers of the companies you are invested with and urge them to contact me if I have not already reached out to them. In these matters, bigger is better. Your influence can help and support this cause, and will make the difference. Urge the companies you are invested with to send an email to me and provide a phone number for contact. Do you want all of your losses and damages back? I do! Wake up your company and ask them to have their decision-making representative email me so we can arrange a conference. Because neither you nor your company will recover your damages and losses by just hoping, we must act. Time is short for this window of opportunity.  You have the power. Talk with your companies and take action by asking them to email me.

This opportunity will not last long. The window of opportunity will close quickly. Billions of dollars are a potential recovery in this never before applied legal framework. Your PM companies need to join us. Please urge your PM company to email me at TRECEO108@gmail.com. We are in this together, and we are in it to win it.

Best Regards,
Jim Sinclair