The Constitution Will Be Ruled "Un" Constitutional!

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Dear CIGAs,

What a sad day Saturday was for the world and also the United States. Normally I try to stay with economic/finance and geopolitical logic in my writings. Half of today’s writing will discuss the Turkish (and coming Saudi) assault on Syria, the final half will discuss the very untimely death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. It is usually better to steer clear of politics but today’s missive will give the public trolls a chance to scream prior to my work becoming part of the premium content section at JSMineset.

The situation in the Middle East has been complicated for several thousand years but never more so than it is today. At its core and “publicly” you have the dislike between the two Muslim factions Sunni and Shia and the struggle between the West and the East. Business must also be added into the mix and when I use the word “business” I am speaking of oil. The situation is extremely complicated and confusing to the point of not really making sense of who friend or foe is. I believe a good description of the very confusing situation can be read here.

From a very broad perspective here are a few observations. Because of Syria’s location, they are pivotal. You see, their land mass must be crossed in order for a pipeline from Western ally oil and gas into Europe. Russia, Syria’s “protector” Russia Prime Minister Warns US and Arab Countries: Invading Syria “will start a new world war” for a lack of better words, does not want the pipeline built as the energy flow strengthens Western business and is a direct competitor to their own energy industry. This can also be viewed from a currency standpoint and might even be called a “currency war”. One side pro dollar and the other wanting a move away from the dollar. A power struggle of epic proportions is unfolding between dollar and non-dollar interests.

One might ask “why now”? Why is this heating up and look to possibly have started at this moment in time? I believe simply because there is no more time. As I mentioned before this is about “business” and we’ll go one step further here. “Business” in the West (and globally) is collapsing. Whether it be physical in the form of trade or financial in the form of markets, the wheels are coming off rapidly. It is my opinion the West “NEEDS” war for several reasons. First, a war is needed to “point at” and be able to say “our policies were working but the war came along and changed everything”. Secondly, war (if not nuclear) is always good economically and has been used for centuries to boost demand and production. Lastly, those in power understand if nothing gets done they will lose their power or “control” if they lose the system. If the loss of the system coincides with war the people can be further fooled into “begging” to be saved. We can only pray that somehow, some way, this does not go full blown but I believe the odds are slim and getting slimmer with each day.

As for the sad day America had yesterday, I inadvertently called this exactly two weeks ago. In an interview I made mention “the U.S. is just one Supreme Court Justice away from socialism/communism/dictatorship” because a shift in the balance of power at the high court will be the final nail in the American coffin. I can hear the liberals screaming already but “socialism” (really communism) is the main reason our country has completely lost its way. Even though socialism has been proven a complete economic disaster in real life, “utopia” still sounds pretty cool …depending on which “half” you belong to!

To frame this discussion, the U.S. has never been as divided as it is today since the Civil War. I would even venture to say it is MORE divided today than during the civil war. The outright “hatred” between liberals and conservatives is now so great, no “discussion” can even be had. You know where I stand on this subject. Logically, if you tell someone he will not get the full fruit of his labor or investment because it must be shared, the incentive is to not work as hard. Conversely, if you tell someone they can get something for nothing, what incentive is there to work at all? After a time, no one wants to work and “everyone has nothing” because little to nothing is being produced. Any liberal who denies this needs only to look at there very own poster child, Venezuela Venezuela┬┤s response to food shortages? Grow your own food at home ! Suffice it to say, anytime a country has less than half its population supporting another non-working and larger half, IT’S OVER!

The various topics in the balance are numerous including The Constitution itself. I would say a balance of power shift to communism will result in “The Constitution itself being ruled ‘UN’ Constitutional”. We have already seen the disaster named Obamacare destroy care availability and explode premiums (for those who MUST pay) into the stratosphere. In fact, there are now more uninsured in the U.S. than there were before “everyone” was supposed to be covered. This is because the insurance is now either unaffordable for those who WERE covered or by their employers NOW cutting work hours back to no more than 29 per week.

How “free” will free speech be if you are allowed to espouse your opinion ONLY if it agrees with whoever is in power? We already know the liberals want to ban guns because they are “bad”. Are guns bad when your own government goes “rogue” and makes demands of you at gunpoint? The original framers of The Constitution saw religious and economic oppression at the end of a gun, a “well armed” militia is what keeps the government honest. They knew this then, those voting for unicorns and skittles now will soon understand the concept. I can only wonder what people will think when their right to assemble is denied when the assembly opposes those making the rules? Just understand this, once these rights are gone, they are gone forever and too late …you will never get back what you give away!

Our forefathers knew, saw and warned of everything transpiring today as if they had a crystal ball. Many world leaders also knew this. China’s Mao knew it, he understood and even said in 1971 the U.S. would fall because we would destroy our own currency. Hitler knew he had to change the mindset of an entire nation and there is no better way to do this than to rewrite the history taught to children. This is very similar to today’s “common core” pabulum we pay our taxes to teach our children.

To finish and no doubt irritate those with poor logic and knowledge of history, I can only hope and pray the Senators elected in 2014 do what they were elected to do. Undoubtedly Mr. Obama will send a (or several) nomination to fill Justice Scalia’s vacant chair. I remind you of the following because the screams of “follow The Constitution” is already bellowing from the left. The populace overwhelmingly elected Republicans and threw out incumbents with the promise Mr. Obama would be “stopped”. We even heard promises of the repeal of Obamacare. We can only pray these newly elected Republicans follow the will of the people and block any nominations until WE THE PEOPLE get to vote again, this time even LOUDER! If the Senate were to confirm ANY nomination prior to the next election you will know for a fact they have been bought and paid for …and the country we knew as the United States of America is OVER!

The above spoke from a “rights” standpoint. If we look at the U.S. from a strictly financial standpoint, unless facts and mathematics can be somehow magically changed, electing Jesus Christ himself as president will not be enough to avoid the inevitable default …though we would treat each other much more kindly! I pray for Justice Scalia’s soul and offer prayers and condolences to his family and those close to him. I will also pray for those dancing for joy on his grave. Quite revolting and mean spirited but that is “who” this country has become!


Standing watch with tears in my eyes,

Bill Holter
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