There Is No Salvation For The Securities Markets

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Dear CIGAs,

The original plan for this writing was to point out how volume has dried up from the retail side and the machines have taken over.  Wall Street has ruined its own “golden egg” by fleecing the public too many times.  The little guy has left and for the most part does not have the extra income to invest any more.  When I mentioned this writing to Jim, he came back with:

“When machines take over markets there are no value metrics for anything. As such anything can trade at any price. It is all math, devoid logic or the means of valuation.

Those the gods wish to destroy they make mad first. The business of markets is dead. It is going to remain dead, killed by the demons who claimed publicly to have been doing the work of god. Now these same perverted players are running for cover themselves to save the trillions they have made. Clearly any rally in equities will be used to liquidate. The executioners of markets are finding out that paper currency will not protect their wealth. That should lead to gold and silver selling above any metric for valuation that has been traditional throwing all ratios or other measures into the round file. These New Normal destroyers have broken the playing board of market, the heart of free enterprise.”

Markets are now completely broken.  Six plus years of zero percent interest rates have taken away any possibility of putting a real or true valuation on anything.  The “tool” of derivatives has been used by our central planners to bend and twist markets in ways to “prove” their policies work.

I think it can be summed up by saying “everything is worth nothing”.  The coming “holiday” will soon separate what is real and what is not.  It will separate what actually has value from what truly does not.  As I wrote late last week, there is simply not enough “money” in the system to settle the outstanding trades/derivatives/”insurance claims”.  We are about to find out the old proverb “you cannot get something for nothing” is very true and our standard of living has been a fairy tale that promised just this.

When all is said and done, Wall St. will be reviled for at least one full generation.  For someone to “admit” they are a stockbroker will be akin to saying they are a loan shark or used car salesman in my opinion.  The securities industry will have no salvation nor capital left for that matter when the lawsuits come.  Either we have a rule of law or we do not, we will soon find this out the hard way I am afraid.   Whether you understand this or not, “settlement” is what is lacking.  The entire game has been played without “settlement” and the public has been fooled.

There will be hell to pay when the little guy figures this out.  He has worked a lifetime for something that not only has no value but was intended this way to “never pay”.  The current system was no “mistake” or error, never paying or settling in the end has been the plan since Aug. 15, 1971.  The only way to attain settlement prior to the holiday is to do it yourself.  In Las Vegas you cash out by turning in your chips, in the game of real life you must turn your savings into something real or you will lose it.  Do not fool yourself, just because the rules are stacked against you …does not mean you need to play their game!

Standing watch,

Bill Holter
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