Russia Leading In Anti-Manipulation

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Dear CIGAs,

Russia takes the lead in anti manipulative gold actions. Russia also marks its gold inventory toy market price. They have to be very unhappy with the gold banks and the US Fed.

War takes many forms and gold is outright war.

China will follow with a physical bullion exchange. This is dynamite for the real discovery of the price of gold and silver free from no-gold, no-silver fraudulent paper exchanges.

The Russians are going to launch a cash bullion market. Maybe they know what the Fed has done to one of their major’s assets and now intend to bust the manipulative paper game.

This mechanism will go a long way towards the emancipation of gold from paper.

Safety is in the Brics or quasi Brics for the next 3 years or more.

Moscow exchange launches precious metals trading
Published time: June 27, 2013 12:49

The stock exchange is going to start trading gold and silver by the end of this year, and platinum and palladium in 2014. Trading physical metals is expected to boost liquidity in the market and attract more participants.

Russia has so far only been trading futures on gold and silver, not dealing with real metals.

Gold has been occasionally sold on the over-the-counter market and the only benchmark for price was the Central bank’s quotations, reports.  Now gold will get the market price in rubles.

“We are a gold-exporting country. We produce a large number of precious metals. However, the trade volume is still significantly lagging behind our peers. Our commodity market is not transparent," quotes the director of the commodity market of the Moscow exchange, Mikhail Orlenko.