Get Out Of The System

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Dear CIGAs,

You need not change your investment profile if you close a tax incentive retirement account.
You need not sell anything in order to close your tax incentive retirement account.
You need not sell your gold and silver to move it to a depository that is outside of the Western financial system.
You need not stop any type of trading you are doing in any market you favor.
You need not change your taste for the currency that you use to keep deposits in.

The necessary is as follows:

1. Speak to Monty Guild ( about true custodian-ship

2. Take your shares out of street name at your broker and instruct them to move them to Direct Registration at the transfer agent for your company.

3. In order not to be bailed-in you must diversify your liquid capital to the BRICS or a quasi BRICS. In time and privately I will suggest banks, but for the time being know the area to keep funds is Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong, not Switzerland, the Bahamas or any two bit tax shelter country. If you are there then move. This may be the shortest must do but it is the most important do.

4. Storage of bullion is a very delicate subject. The first question that I strongly suggest you ask concerning the storage insurance policy is does it insure you against the storage company, any employee, any consultant or associate stealing the gold via any method including accounting fraud. The next question is what member of the big four auditing firms reviews the accountant’s statement and signs off on it as accurate and audited as compliant with International GAPP (International General Accepted Accounting as compared to US or Canadian GAPP Procedures).

Your gold must be in allocated form. Any other form is madness in today’s world. Waiting for fabrication to get your gold or silver is the scariest words I have ever heard or read. Storage should be diversified including storage in Singapore. For more information on this ask Egon von Greyerz

5. Keep $5000 in cash and as many one ounce gold coins at home that you are willing to give up.

6. Hold a permanent residency permit in a 2nd country of your selection, taste and comfort.

I have no business arrangement nor do I receive either directly, indirectly or tangentially any payments from people I recommend. I mention them because I trust them to treat you correctly and put your affairs before their own.

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