A Call For An International Real Investors Spring

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My Dear Friends,

This is a call to litigation and high tech communication arms. This is a call for a communication revolution of 2012 with the same commitment that existed in 1775. This is a call for an explosion in litigation against those that destroy for profit using dastardly means.

The ends do not justify the means in the investment world even though it is the mantra of the devils that hide as financial and corporate personalities. Unless our markets are cleaned up of criminals there can be no sustained economic recovery. As long as the uptick rule is not enforced the Western world economic system is in the control of demons.

This revolution is not armed but it should be violent in its constant complaint and litigation of every organization, writer, paper, and personality that is stealing from us. Do no let up.

It is time for a Real Investors Spring.

Stop bitching and being cowards. I intend to fight via law, communication and any other legal means I can conceive of until I drive anyone who has screwed me and mine nuts.

Stop bitching and get active wherever you are being screwed in your area of business. We are a legion and you all have computers. Use them.

The letters you wrote at my request are having PROFOUND impact. The perpetrators are scared because they we very sloppy in their transgressions against us. We are in a financial system in which almost everything is organized crime. All that you need to do to enforce this disease is to do nothing.

I refuse and will not yield until it is eliminated from my space and the space of my responsibility.

What are you going to do?

Drive your PM CEO nuts because they are a band of cowards as scared of their stockholders as they are of things that go boom in the night. Even more terrified of the stockholders are their directors.

Communicate directly with the board of the company whose CEO is brain dead. Even the CEOs of the biggest PMs have their worst nightmares as a stockholder legal revolution.

Our weapon is litigation. Scare the hell out of everything walking that steals from you or bullies you. Never yield! That includes agencies as well.

This is an urgent call to arms for you all.