Key Areas Of Defense For The US Dollar

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Dear Friends,

I loathe to bring attention to this as we are read by the Fed and Treasury. That fact is a compliment, but the inadvertent contribution to MOPE cannot be denied.

I guess being a family member of "Our Crowd" has bought me some leeway as long as I remain economically focused and do not get personal with the real power. I will not in an attempt to look out for all our best interests.

Yesterday and today we have been playing with a key area in the US dollar at which intervention is reasonable to assume.

It is key for sure as .7200 and then into the high .6000 is what is lurking in this Battle Royal.

Strong dollar policy is intervention to modify the decline from the rout it has the power to be.

With the entire planet with the exception of GB loudly or quietly wanting dollar diversification, the high .6000s is a magnet of great substance pulling NOW strongly on the USDX.

The value of gold is all in the inverse of the value of the US dollar.

Respectfully yours,