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These are Alan Greenspan’s own words from 1966.  He has always known and still knows today, it’s just that he took a job in 1987 where he was forced to lie to you.  Please read his words carefully, they are 100% correct!

“What medium of exchange will be acceptable to all participants in an economy is not determined arbitrarily.” 

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Join Greg Hunter as he goes One on One with Lt. Col Theresa Long, Medical Doctor and Flight Surgeon at Fort Rucker, Alabama, who is putting her career and life on the line to protect soldiers from the CV19 vax and is blowing the whistle on the deadly and dangerous problems surrounding the forced injections of our military.

Here’s the link:  “Hell No” to Any CV19 Vax – Lt. Col. Theresa Long MD | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

The latest is called “Hell No” to Any CV19 Vax – Lt. Col. Theresa Long MD.”  Lt. Col. Theresa Long is a Medical Doctor at Fort Rucker who is one of the U.S. Army’s top Flight Surgeons and an expert on public health.  Dr. Long makes sure military pilots are ready and able to fly America’s complicated and lethal aircraft.  Dr. Long has been a skeptic of the so-called Covid-19 experimental vaccines from the beginning.  After months of medical observation of the devastating effects of these injections, she’s come to a conclusion the top Army Brass does not like.  When asked if she would recommend the CV19 vax to pilots she evaluates, Dr. Long, who is unvaxed, says, “If you think for a moment that the very same doctors, politicians or whoever that told you this was safe and effective, if you are waiting and holding your breath for them to come back and say, oops, we made a mistake, it’s dangerous and deadly, that’s never going to happen.”

And if an Army pilot walked into Dr. Long’s office and asked if the CV19 vax was safe?  What would she tell them?  Dr. Long says, “I would tell them, ‘Hell no, I don’t think it’s safe.’”  

What is Dr Long seeing first hand after the CV19 injections?  Dr. Long says, “I have seen everything from strokes, to clots in the spleen and liver, cancers, testicular pain, infertility, miscarriages, menstrual irregularity, lung issues, thyroid disfunction, erratic heart rates . . . a lot of things that I don’t see in someone flying an aircraft. . . . You can see myocarditis and pericarditis weeks and months after vaccines.” 

The U.S. Military is very familiar with the problems Lt. Col. Long has reported.  Dr. Long testified n a Senate hearing last November with doctors and medical researchers who treat CV19 vaccine injuries, along with patients who have experienced adverse events due to the CV19 vaccine.  Dr. Long also made a highly publicized affidavit against the Biden Administration’s vax mandates as a whistleblower under the Military Whistleblower Protection Act in September of 2021.  The military brass are well aware of who Dr. Long is and the many problems she is reporting with the so-called vaccines.

What are her superiors telling her?  Dr. Long says, “It’s always disheartening when people come to me and say privately, I completely agree with you.  I completely agree with you that we should stop these vaccinations, but publicly I will disown you.  That’s not being a leader.  It’s just  straight up cowardice when you know you are doing the wrong thing and you refuse to change.”

Dr. Long estimates there are “200,000 to 400,000 military members who are not vaccinated,” and the Pentagon and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin have threatened to kick them all out of the service.  Are the military leaders this stupid, this compromised or simply committing treason?

Dr. Long’s plea to the military brass is, “Pray for wisdom and courage.” 

There is much more in the 1-hour and 6-minute video.

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“Denny sat down with Jim Sinclair for another interview, and the conversation was about Jim’s early experiences in the mining industry within Tanzania.  Not everybody who was doing business in Tanzania wanted to perpetuate the colonialism that had been there for centuries, and Jim was a pioneer in building alliances and partnerships with the Tanzanians.  This interview is about 35 minutes in length, and it’s well worth the time to understand the history of both the Bulyanhulu and Buckreef mines.”

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Bill Holter’s Commentary

Kudos to Dismal Dave, I couldn’t pick just one of his charts for comment as each one tells a story on its own.  A horrific story! 

‘I have kleptomania, but when it gets bad, I take something for it.’ Robert Benchley.

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Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Martin Armstrong, cycle expert and author of the upcoming new book “The Plot to Seize Russia, Manufacturing World War III” for 8.9.22.

Here’s the link:  Trump Raid Deathblow to Democracy – Martin Armstrong | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

The latest is called “Trump Raid Deathblow to Democracy – Martin Armstrong.”  Last month, legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong said the time to prepare is now for the chaos that is coming in 2023.  The destabilization of America has been kicked into high gear early with the FBI raid on President Trump’s Florida home this week.  Armstrong explains, “This really is unprecedented . . . . In the United States, we are supposed to have civilized transfer of power.  That’s all coming to an end.  I am not being dramatic here.  From a legal perspective, this is completely unprecedented.  The danger of this is once they have done this, if the Republicans are ever allowed to get back into power, they would only end up doing the same thing to the Democrats. . . . It’s striking a real deathblow to the very idea of a democracy.  We are not, at least we were not until today, someplace like Guatemala where you throw the opposition in jail, kill them or whatever you do.  This is what’s going on.  They are so afraid of Trump running in 2024 that this is just over the top.  Once they did this, there is no end.”

Armstrong says the Democrats are in “dire straits” at the polls–and they know it.  Armstrong thinks the Trump raid by the FBI is an act of desperation, and it will “backfire,” but that’s not the only play in the Democrat playbook for the midterms in November.  Armstrong says, “I have been warned that the Democrats have been maneuvering, and the reason they are allowing all the illegal aliens to come in is they intend to allow them to vote.  You already had the Justice Department go after one state that said you had to prove you are an American to vote, and they filed a suit against them saying that they violated their civil rights.  At that stage of the game, hey, all of Europe, Australia, everybody should just send in a vote.”

Armstrong’s says forget what the mainstream polls are saying about voter support for Democrats and Joe Biden because the real numbers are much lower than the public is told.  Armstrong’s “Socrates” computer program shows Joe Biden has just 12% of support in America.  Maybe this is why Democrats are desperate and realize they have to cheat and break the law to stay in power.  It’s not going to get any better, and the entire world is in the same sinking boat.  Armstrong says, “We basically are sitting here in the middle of the collapse of Western civilization.  It’s socialism that is collapsing because these people have done nothing but borrow money to bribe them to vote for them . . . There is no way to pay it back, and they had no intention of paying it back. . . . Europe is, just forget it.  You have emerging markets collapsing around the world because to sell their debt, they had to put it into dollars.  Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Pakistan, Argentina are falling apart on a global scale.”

Armstrong thinks the dollar will be strong for now and not to expect a collapse in the USA anytime soon because America will be the last man standing.  That said, Armstrong does see the possibility of a “stock market collapse in September.”  Armstrong is also “worried about civil war or extreme civil unrest in 2023 in America.”  Armstrong is seeing a “world war coming in 2024 or after.”

Armstrong also said, “My computer warns that there may not even be an election in America in 2024.  It’s reaching that critical period.  So, this raid on Trump is like throwing down the gauntlet.  Everything is gone.”     

There is much more in the nearly 53-minute interview.